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2003 nfl draft

69th annual meeting of National Football League franchises to select newly eligible players. Pinner was okay, then cut, having his best game returning to Detroit with Minnesota, There's bad, and this is something beyond bad, 1.4 - Dewayne Robertson (Jets traded 1.13, 1.22, and 4.116 for him) And while Houston's running game has generally been better than Arizona's, it's hardly scared anyone, or forced a lot of safeties into the box. Conventional wisdom: There were no elite prospects considered worthy of even mid-round selections. Antonio Gates was undrafted. Pro-Football-Reference utilizes Official NFL data for current NFL seasons. by Chris (not verified) // Apr 17, 2009 - 11:41am. Because Larry Johnson has been a lot more productive, even given his draft position... Heck, even the maligned Willis McGahee has been much more productive -- behind a decidedly mediocre line in Buffalo and an unproven one in Baltimore. Wow, I hadn't realised just how similar their career statistics were (though I think that in reality the YPC similarity is a result of the wierd way in which Johnson was used in 2005 and 2006 as the David Carr experiment fell apart - he is in truth probably a 14-14.5ypc guy).

With all due respect to Polamalu, who is a superlative player, a corner who can't be thrown on is worth more than a safety. Though they play completely different LB spots, Shanle has twice as many tackles, though fewer sacks. DL: Kevin Williams Seattle landed two immediate starters when they selected Marcus Trufant in the first and Arkansas safety Ken Hamlin in the second round. 2003 was also the year that Tony Romo went undrafted and signed with the Cowboys ($30,000 signing bonus).

In reply to Re: 2003 NFL Draft: Six Years Later by John Walt, Tyree's biggest contributions have always been on special teams-- it's why he was drafted in the first place. Banta-Cain's value came from the fact that he was a balanced player, with the ability (kind of) to rush the passer, and also the ability (kind of) to drop back into coverage. by Sean McCormick // Apr 17, 2009 - 12:12pm, I was at ASU for grad school while Suggs was playing, so I got to see him live for every home game that final season- he was an absolute monster coming off the edge, and he was able to sustain his pass rush into the fourth quarter. Naming Andre as you did in your column is irresponsible reporting. The worst players in the top half of the first round of the 2004 draft would have to be Robert Gallery (who has improved greatly as a guard, at least), DeAngelo Hall, Michael Clayton (one good year), and Reggie Williams (big flop). After all, the entire point of the draft, and why it is beneficial to draft well, is that you get a certain amount of talent that you don't have to overbid in free agency for.

Playing the run he goes through guards like a knife through butter and is fantastic in coverage. I remember thinking that if the Pats wanted him, that was the year to lock him up, but I knew they wouldn't do it because they didn't want to commit that much money until they knew what the financial landscape was going to look like.

In reply to Re: 2003 NFL Draft: Six Years Later by MJK. QB, Safety

He went on to spend one season in New England before washing out of the league. 2003 NFL Draft History - Round 1 brings you round-by-round NFL Draft History dating back to 1967. College safeties with the name Nnamdi become the best cover guys at their position in the league when they change positions. This is a great annual piece, but I think it would be particularly interesting to go back and review the draft day grades from Kiper et al. Those were like 1st round picks ! Gotta love it. Les choix compensatoires sont remis aux équipes ayant perdu plus de joueurs (et de meilleure qualité) qu'ils en ont signés durant la free agency. 2004 required screws in his wrist (wrist was totally dislocated - another definition for broke off hand). Woolfolk was not a finished product, but the Titans took a chance on the upside of a 6-2 corner with speed and athleticism. You want "hidden yardage", David Tyree was a special teams stud. Barnett has been a Pro Bowl alternate in each of the past six seasons. Boldin had two years of rotten quarterbacking to start his career, but has since had three competent and one outstanding seasons of play back there. Not sure Colts fans would trade him for just about anybody. Brock, 7th round pick, 25 sacks, 2003

Other notable picks: The Eagles selected Rutgers' L.J. Football Outsiders – 2004 NFL Draft: Six Years Later, 1984 NFL Supplemental Draft of USFL and CFL players,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, = extra selection awarded to expansion team, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 15:53. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Are you a Stathead, too? Pro Bowler, 50 sacks the last 5 seasons, compared to 11.5 over the last 5 for Banta-Cain (the same number as Mathis had last year alone). Special Will Carroll "Health is a Skill" Award: Joppru went 41st overall to Houston and then suffered season-ending injuries in three straight preseasons. All rights reserved. Rogers most assuredly did not develop into one of the most physically dominating receivers in the NFL. Updated:

Data Provided By In reply to Re: 2003 NFL Draft: Six Years Later by JasonK. June made a Pro Bowl in 2005, but I'd be happy to give up June's spot if they'll give Mathis the spot he deserves as the DL value pick. by Neoplatonist B… (not verified) // Apr 20, 2009 - 12:45pm. Anybody know how to compare team's draft performance over time? and how the conventional wisdom on the day after the draft matches up with what actually happened. Full Site Menu. Could not agree more. That need for talent is why teams don't trade out of the top spots; some things can only be obtained with those picks, and you can't be efficient about obtaining them. Terrell Suggs was picked 10th by the Ravens -- it was Boller who was the late 1st round selection, after Ozzie, in a rare outcome for him, got fleeced by the Patriots into overpaying for the number 19 slot.

He had decent numbers, 22 for 246 and 3 TDs in three games in 2003. And while Boldin has a superior supporting cast in the passing game, Houston has usually had an edge in the running game. That would actually be above average as a draft class. Jamaal Jackson Biggest bust: Teyo Johnson, Stanford, 63rd overall to the Raiders. Banta-Cain was productive enough as a situational player to land a big contract with San Francisco. I have no idea how often that is the case. Last year when they were getting consistently torched, look at how much time opposing QB's had to throw... All their LB's got old, and Richard Seymour started underperforming. He had one interception, one forced fumble in which he layed out Jamal Lewis (featured on you got jacked up) and a hit on Todd Heap that was also featured on the (you just got jacked up series). All I can say is I hadn't thought about how comparably crappy the 2003 draft class was. And Ty Warren continues to be one of the most underrated defensive players in the league, even by FO. Why not Justin Fargas for best value? L'ordre de sélection est décidé par le classement général des équipes durant la saison précédente, donc l'équipe ayant eu le moins de victoires va sélectionner en premier et ainsi de suite jusqu'au gagnant du Super Bowl. TE, Offensive Guard by FullMoonOverTulsa (not verified) // Apr 16, 2009 - 9:56pm, In reply to Re: 2003 NFL Draft: Six Years Later by AlanSP. Best value: Arnaz Battle, Notre Dame, 197th overall to the 49ers.

agent Jermaine Haley, Traded • 2003 sixth round pick (#181-Corey Jenkins) to Dolphins for • 2003 seventh round pick (#226-Walter Young) • 2003 seventh round pick (#247-Casey Moore) on 2003-04-27, Traded • Sage Rosenfels to Dolphins for • 2003 seventh round pick (#232-Gibran Hamdan) on 2002-08-22, Traded • Steve Heiden to Browns for • 2003 seventh round pick (#236-Brandon Drumm) on 2002-08-31, Traded • Kelvin Garmon to Chargers for • 2003 conditional seventh round pick (#236-Brandon Drumm) on 2002-10-12, Traded • Aveion Cason to Cowboys for • 2003 seventh round pick (#236-Brandon Drumm) on 2003-04-26, Traded • Ricky Williams to Colts for • 2003 seventh round pick (#239-Tully Banta-Cain) on 2002-09-01, Traded • 2004 sixth round pick (#185-Andy Hall) to Eagles for • 2003 seventh round pick (#245-Chris Johnson) on 2003-04-26, Traded • Cornell Green to Buccaneers for • 2003 seventh round pick (#247-Casey Moore) on 2002-08-20, Compensatory pick received from NFL for loss of free agents Todd Peterson, Victor Riley, Compensatory pick received from NFL to fulfill the number of draft choices permitted by agreement with the NFL Players Association in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Traded • 2004 second round pick (used in supplemental draft to select Tony Hollings) to Texans for • 2003 third round pick (#83-Sam Williams) • 2003 seventh round pick (#262-Ryan Hoag) on 2003-04-26. 2003 NFL Draft . Then-GM Floyd Reese. In terms of DYAR (including rushing), Johnson holds the edge career 1207 to 1063 or .7474 DYAR/per game. There were a great many disappointments in this class -- both Dewayne Robertson and Jimmy Kennedy badly underperformed -- but Sullivan showed absolutely nothing beyond a propensity for eating hamburgers during his three-year stay in New Orleans. Also just looking at the last four years is also fairly arbitrary. Patriots-Broncos Moved to Monday Night; Titans-Bills to Tuesday? Do you have a sports website? You have to take them when you can and pay them what they're worth. April 26, 2003 (rounds 1-3) April 27, 2003 (rounds 4-7) The expansion Texans were granted a supplemental selection in the middle rounds 3-7, plus the final selection in rounds 6-7. yellow = data that is incomplete or uncertain

Having said all that I had no idea when I started to look up the numbers of some of the best DBs in football simply to have something to compare it to that Tillman's turnover numbers keep pretty good company. Drew Henson, who spent his career at Michigan splitting time with Tom Brady (and being touted as the true pro prospect of the two) before opting to play baseball for the Yankees, was drafted by the Texans in the sixth round on the chance that he would decide to give up baseball. Referee changes. In reply to Re: 2003 NFL Draft: Six Years Later by Lou.

• 2003 sixth round pick (#185-Jeremy Bridges) from Redskins on ????-??-?? RB, Cornerback Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy   |   Cookie Policy, © 2020 EdjSports, LLC // Partner of USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties, Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis, Jets Release Le'Veon Bell; Signs With Chiefs, Atlanta Fires Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff, Patriots-Broncos Moved Again to Next Sunday. Highest pick: Dewayne Robertson, Kentucky, fourth overall to the Jets. 1) Getting an elite starter in Boldin in R2 is a lot better value than a marginal-at-best starter in Battle somewhat later. Nnamdi Asomugha - 11 but obviously everyone avoids him. by staubach (not verified) // Apr 16, 2009 - 7:12pm. Two passes actually, one for a touchdown and the one off his helmet.

by Sean McCormick.

OG, Offensive Tackle as compensation for free Still, Johnson was so erratic during his single season in Minnesota that he was benched after 14 games. You've got Eli, Rivers, and Roethlisberger, Larry Fitzgerald, Tommie Harris, and a number of other high-quality starters in that group.

Similar argument for Boldin vs. Battle (or even Kevin Curtis vs. Battle? Fourth round pick Rien Long. Boller was too mechanical was his decision making, and he never had the necessary accuracy to go along with his physical gifts.

And his road has not been easy--IIRC he had three family members die in his first two years in the league.

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