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document.write(' '); Global Granary Copyright © 2020 Powered by Wordpress. Thank goodness the drama’s production has finally deigned to also announce the rest of the cast so there’s no longer a need to second guess things anymore!eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'dramapanda_com-box-3','ezslot_7',632,'0','0'])); Speaking of the cast, glad to see Li Yifeng tackling another costumed drama since it’s been four long years since we’ve seen him in period robes in Legend of Chusen.
we won't stop it's alright

Yi Ren started working with Sun Zi Ying secretly on the 3D modeling of the Moon Bay project. 여느 때처럼 (Already Gone) - 빌리어코스티 (Bily acoustie) [My... 당신은 천사와 커피를 마셔본 적이 있습니까 (Have You Ever Had a Coffe... Stay - 김민석 (Kim Min Seok) [Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbo... 우리 사이 은하수를 만들어 (Milky Way Between Us) - 오존 (O3ohn)... WMB (Where's My Boy) - unofficialboyy & 윤병호 (Bully... 다시 돌아와줘 (Please Come Back Again) - 영지 (Young Ji) [... 초능력 나의 그대 (My Absolute Boyfriend) - Kei (of 러블리즈/L... 널 그리는 밤 (The Nights that I Miss You) - 엘(L) [Angel... Stay - 김보형 (Kim Bohyung) [Abyss OST Part.3]. 넘어가 다음 단계 higher mental neomeoga daeum dangye higher mental 손을 맞대 make a wi…. She said that Li Zhe was not the boy and she got angry when Zhi Yu would not have it because of the bird. The assistant said that Mr Qi had been transferred. Liu Haikuan as Li Zhe; Wendy Luo Qiuyun as He Yuwen; Wu Jifeng as Gu Bo; Chen Shimin as Xia Di; Li Xing as Chen Qi MIng; Wei Jin as Yu Qing; Wang Xichao as Liu Tianyang ; Liu Luoxi as Chu Lin; Si Zheng as Gao Ming; Xiang Aoyu as Luo Yang; Ye Zicheng as Sun Zi Yang; Episode 1. Meanwhile, Yukee who plays Bai Ying (not Na Sheng as we originally thought), paints a sharp contrast in her frosty white and blues as Su Mo’s pure and soft-hearted romantic interest. Anyway, it was the day that they had to go to Dasheng regarding the Moon Bay project. This is rather sad. One of her colleagues saw Yi Ren helping Fang Zhi Yu into his car as he was suffering from acute gastroenteritis. He started talking in French to another girl on the phone. Unfortunately, Zhi Yu got stranded with Yi Ren at Moon Bay because of flat tire.

Yi Ren was so annoyed with Zhi Yu she did not go home but spent the night with Xia Di. Apparently Li Zhe and Zhi Yu are best friends and their family where quite friend as well, that is until Li Zhe’s dad got into trouble in his company.

Li Zhe met up with Yi Ren. 시간 아까워 아까워 shigan akkawo akkwo (you should) 필요 없어 no more sign ya pilyo eobseo no more sign ya xiao-zhan: “Liu Hai effin’ Kuan ” main. She asked him how she looks. She responded at first but she ran off afterwards. While Zhi Yu and YiRen had a rather romantic evening overlooking a starry sky. Zhi Yu told Guo to eavesdrop and tell him what they were talking about. But unfortunately, they meet again in the job interview. He then asked what time she was coming as he was going to pick her up. Waiting for Me - 안예슬 (Ahn Ye Seul) [Home for Summe... Black Sky - 김재환 (Kim Jae Hwan) [Chief of Staff OST... 손 닿으면 9Reaching Hand) - 장범준 (Jang Beom June) [Sear... 툭툭툭 (Tuk Tuk Tuk) - 비야 (BIYA) [My Absolute Boyfrie... Stay - 오왠 (O.WHEN) [Angel's Last Mission OST Part.5]. When Yi Ren and Zhi Yu got to the apartment block, Yi Ren told Zhi Yu to stay in the car as Li Zhe might go mental upon seeing him. She was out of the building as soon as office hours were over which her officemates thought was not very like her. I can do this all day And it did not end there because their family and reputation was ruined, Li Zhe’s father and mother committed suicide, his mother died instantly while his father lived but developed dementia. Li Zhe and Zhi Yu begged Zhi Yu’s father to help Li Zhe’s dad. Liu Haikuan and Guo Cheng were cheering like loud fan girls at the side. Li Zhe was also looking for a little girl he met in the forest when he was still a boy,  The girl was crying because she had lost her mom.

He then turned up and took her for a coffee.

But he told Yi Ren that he should have told him who he was immediately. He invited her to lunch and promised that he might changed his mind about Square & Circle. But for many of us …, Blue or white side out? He sent her flowers in the office which rather embarrassed her. Learn how your comment data is processed. Zhi Yu was looking for her and was told that she was with the flower giver. Yuwen had to go by herself to dinner with Dasheng. Yi Ren had become homeless when her landlady sold her apartment. Square & Circle won the contract for Moon Bay which was helped by the 3D model of the complex. we got this 오늘도 여긴 we got this oneuldo yeogin He was just too inexperienced and too impulsive. Guo Bo who decided to resign came back when Zhi Yu told him that he was not so stupid as he thought. They need to have a 3-D model of the project for clients and investors. But it looks like that the little girl Li Zhe was looking for was Yi Ren. Zhi Yu noticing that she was gone went to look for her. Li Zhe was not the only one affected because Zhi Yu developed a condition were he can’t abide lying of all forms. Li Zhe was gobsmacked. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. Instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @globalgranary youtube: Global Granary. Liang Jie’s character as Yi Ren is almost a copy of her Jia Xin in You’re My Destiny. See more ideas about Untamed, Actors, Actors male. They will band together to take down Zhi Yu. Other actors you can expect to see include web drama fixture Zheng Yecheng who plays crown prince Zhen Lan, Yang Zhiwen who ends up with the role of Miao girl Na Sheng, The Untamed’s Liu Haikuan who plays General Yun Huan, Ye Shengjia asYan Xiand Liu Chang as Xi Jing. She was so mature for her age and showed him to. Li Zhe’s only clue for the girl as a red hair clip. She can’t really turn him down despite Zhi Yu looking daggers at her. Anyway, Young Li Zhe came home one day and found his father and mother tried to commit suicide. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the respective author and Global Granary with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. It was not Yi Ren’s fault. Anyway, Zhi Yu saw the little bird Yi Ren got given when she was a little girl by her rescuer when she got lost during a school trip in the mountain. It’s about time too as they’ve been keeping us all hanging on tenterhooks for much too long. 2018: Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Survivor, ONESHOOT = 아직은 안녕 우린 안돼요/ We can’t Separated Yet. Help keep our site alive. But actually, Yi Ren was on a date with her boyfriend Gao Ming. He heard her and Zi Ying talking about so tired and it sounded rather clandestine. Liu Haikuan. Actor: Liang Jie Xin Yunlai Liu Haikuan Luo Qiu'yun Wu Ji'feng Chen Shi'min The vital girl Xu Yiren broke up with her boyfriend due to the overbearing president Fang Zhiyou's pointing out her boyfriend's lie. Lifestyle Magazine and Common Place Book Online: Something For Everyone, Five things to help stop the spread of coronavirus, Mr. First young master of the Lan sect and one of the Two Jades of Lan. He has a close relationship with Jin Guangyao and Nie Mingjue, whom he is sworn brothers with. Several disciples were happily making music either with their own instruments or just hitting the porcelain bowls with their chopsticks.

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