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5) Susanna Clotilde. III. Of Kichard Lingen, Esq. Early bearers of the name include Rys Vychan in 1248, William Vachan in 1275, and Jeuan Vaghann in 1391, all found recorded in the registers of West Wales. 108 ; Stowe MS. 692, fo. The elder, James Vaughan, of Llangattock, m. Sibylla, dau. 60) (of Dyffryn, Hoffnant, Penbryn, Cardiganshire, Wales) Vert, a chevron between three wolves` heads erased argent. Specially since he was (as to what I've heard and the only thing they could understand) that he came from Great Britain, from where? Please if you could I would love to see more research and up dates from you. 4) Frederick Edward Goldisbrough, b. There's also a tree between the 3rd and 10th centuries that shows the Kings of Brycheiniog (all early Vaughan's I'm led to believe). a lion ramp. Harmless as boys, wise as serpents. 2) (Talgarth, co. Brecknock). He received only a limited education at the neighborhood schools. Below you will find just a few of these men. 4) Elizabeth Maud. ar. Teresa Mary Eleanora, m. 1841, Thomas Weld Blundell, Esq. Get the Vaughan hand-engraved Claddagh or Signet Ring with the Vaughan Family Crest and get free delivery. Or, a lion ramp. 1802. Our branch came form Glamorganshire near Powys. Per pale az. reguard. And because it was the families of the gentry that kept those pedigrees, we would expect the various families of Vaughan (Fychan) to have armorials. Edward Massy, 2nd son of Hugh, 2nd Lord Massy, and has issue, 1) John Nanney Chambre, of Woodgate, Salop, 6. on a saltire engr. Crests— 1st, Vaughan: An infant’s head entwined with a snake, as in the arms; 2nd, Wright: Out of a ducal coronet or, a dragon’s head issuant ppr. Crest—A demi lion ramp. 4 Feb. 1666; ra. on a chev. Jo Vaughan, aged 17, who arrived in Virginia in 1635 dataType: "jsonp", 29 Jan. 1703; m. 5 Oct. 1738, Mary, dau. The surname Vaughn was first found in Shropshire, where they were descended from Tudor Trevor, the Earl of Hereford, and Lord of Maylors. betw. 12) (West Tilbury, co. Essex). three birds sa. of the late Major Waller Ashe, King’s Dragoon Guards. 1824 ; to. Elizabeth, d. Unm. I connected up with my dad's cousin by family connection and a very distant cousin by email on 1600, m. twice. Maud, dau. I am though not much into research more my wife's thing and she has done a lot, however you seem to have done so much more. Best of everything to you! Of William Henry Darby, Esq. 3 June, 1704, Mary, dau. of the late Edward Owen, Esq., of Garthangharad, co. Merioneth, and has with other issue, * A son, b. II. His wife was descended from Howel Dda, King of South Wales, in 907. Rogero Vaugham, 1379 in Poll Tax (Bredwardine, Herefs) window.location.href = "/pages/" + res + "-family-crest"; 1814. He subsequently entered the Spanish service, and d. in that country, having m. a Spanish lady, Donna Francesca, dau. Ent. ar. My Aunt has done so much research on it. 29 Oct. 1701 ; d. Imra. of S. Badger, and had issue, George, Henry Francis John, Henwayn, Anne, Catherine, Ellen, and Ruth. Barker’s Grants. For my line of Vaughans you can see more research at Courage advances the man. of Sir William Bowyer, Bart., and left, with two elder sons, living 1675, but who both d. s. p., a 3rd son, Rev. three boys’ heads couped at the shoulders and entwined round the neck with snakes all ppr. of Roger Bolas, Esq. Ambrose Vaughan, who landed in Virginia in 1711 Lineage~ This family is descended through Ithel Vaughan, who m. Angharad, dau. But I do appreciate hearing this part of the history of the Vaughan family name. Sarah Lois Vaughan (1924-1990), American jazz singer William, attained for treason after the battle of Culloden, and excluded from the general pardon in 1747. 38th Regt., s. his grandfather, and was killed in the Crimea in 1855 and was s. by his brother, Herbert Vaughan, now of Brynog. Crest—A maiden’s head, hair dishevelled, couped below the breast all ppr. 4) John of Finnant bapt. The coat of arms on an escutcheon forms the central element of the full heraldic achievement which consists of shield, supporters, crest and motto. 39) (Payan’s Castle, Wales; granted 12 June, 1527). armed and langued az. Hello! gu. 5) Francis, 6. of Sir John Done, Knt. Phillip ap Adam Waghan, 1292 in Subsidy Rolls of Dudleston, by Diana his wife, dau. who d. 1882 and was s. by his son, John Edwards Vaughan-Lee who assumed the name of Vaughan only in lieu of that of Vaughan-Lee. three infants’ heads couped at the shoulders ppr. engr. I'm so happy that I came across an Irish company that knows how to celebrate my Irish heritage. 8 Nov. 1706). Mottoes a chev. Commanding H.M.’s 90th Light Infantry, a J.P. and D.L. Kilner Brazier, Esq. Thanks again, Danny. Shapes and designs of these shields have unique meanings as well. ar. 21, 133 [Her. ., M.D., of London. Crest—Upon a mount vert in front of a boys’ head affrontée couped at the shoulders ppr. of the Skreen, co. Radnor, and of Velinnewydd, and by her (who d. 1869) has issue,John Williams, educated at St. John’s Coll. 1383-1415) who claimed descent from Moreiddig Warwyn. Sep 4, 2016 - Here you can view the Vaughan Family Crest, and also purchase this design crafted onto a man's or a woman's rings, a cuff link, or a pendant. having snakes enwrapped about their necks vert (sometimes borne with a chev. And, if your Fl. Arms~ Quarterly of seven; 1st arg. Best of everything to you! 46) (Sutton, co. York). four pellets. Frances Matilda d. 23 Dec. 1843 aged seven. per fess ar. 10) (co. Devon), Gu. and gu. ar. Ar. The Welsh and Irish surname Vaughan is derived from the Welsh term fychan, a lenited form of bychan, a diminutive of bach meaning “little.” This was often used to distinguish the younger of two bearers of the same personal name. Is It fair to say that unless there are meticulous records of births, marriages, baptisms and the like that It will be difficuit to trace back beyond the early 1800's? Steven Adler, guard. 20 July 1718) of Tyrycoed, and by her had issue two sons, William and George, who d.s.p. Your story and travels are very interesting. of Nanney, m. Robert Vaughan, Esq., of Hengwrt, Sheriff co. Merioneth, 1735; 2)Howel ap Ynyr Vychan, ancestor of Vaughan, of Hengwrt, whose descendant m. the heiress of Nanney). 5) Eleanor bapt. betw. of Courtfield, CO. Hereford, J.P. for cos. Gloucester, Monmouth, Hereford, and Mayo, and D.L. betw. I am not an official spokesperson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 20) (Woodstone, co. Huntingdon; descended from Vaughan, of Kington, co. Hereford, in the church of which parish a mural monument deduces the pedigree from the time of the Black Prince). three wolves’ heads erased ar. of St. Dogwells, co. Pembroke, was seised in fee, before 1640, of certain lands and tenements in that CO. By Jane Bullen his wife he had, with a son, Richard, mentioned in his brother’s will, 1710, a son, Hectob Vaughan, Esq. Michael Vaughan, a stone-mason, who arrived in New South Wales, Australia sometime between 1825 and 1832 three boys’ heads couped ar. of the late Thomas Weld, Esq., of Lulworth Castle, Dorset; b. Well worth getting. CHARLES JOHN, D.D. HUGH, of Llansantffraid, Radnorshire. Mr. Vaughan was High Sheriff of King’s Co. 1738. He died in June, 1907, without issue by his marriage with Miss Vaughan, but left sons, Roger and Robert W., Jr., by a former marriage. Ask & I share; steal at own risk. Crest—A child’s head couped at the shoulders and entwined round the neck with a snake all ppr. George Vaughan, 118th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York Samuel Dawson Hutchinson, Esq. Richard, a Priest, b. two snakes entwined ar. Crest—On a plume of three feathers gu. He d. 5 Sept. 1868, without surviving issue, and was s. by his nephew, Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee of Dillington Park, Somerset, M.P. 7 Jan. 1723. Coat of Arms Flags of Springmount, Queen’s Co. II. Love the plaque, it looks great and delivered quickly too with a little extra Christmas gift; thank you! Same Arms as Grono Lllwyd-y-Penwyn, viz., Gu. 28 March, 1804. 8 Aug. 1861, Susanna Clotilde, youngest dau. Az. NAC. VAUGHAN„ Richard, of Corsigedall, co. Merioneth, Esq., crest 12 Dec. 1583, 26 Eliz., by Sir G. Dethick. of The Hendre, co. Monmouth, and by her had issue, 1) Herbert Alfred, D.D., Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford, 6. . Charles Wesley “Pug” Vaughan (1911-1964), American football running back Oh how envious I am you have been able to get so far. MS. 16,940, fo. XVII, fol. MSS. Thomas Vaughan, of Burlton Hall, by Lowry Nanney, dau. VAUGHAN, JOHN WILLIAMS, ESQ., of Velin Newydd, Brecknockshire. 56) Sa. three lions ramp. GIFTS; GLASSWARE; RINGS; EMBROIDERED; CLOTHING; DOWNLOADS; FLAGS; WEDDING; PLAQUES; CROSS STITCH; IRISH; SCOTTISH; HISTORIES; 500 COMMON; NAME INDEX ; VIEW CART ; Show Order; CONTACT; Site Map; About Us; SEARCH; Email; Coat of Arms & Family … Sa. The name is also anglicized in the unlenited form Baughan, corresponds to the English name Little and the similar breton Bihan. 6 Aug. 1852; m. 12 Aug. 1885, Eva the dau.

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