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“Her father was begging me to take her back when he found out what was going on. You gotta go get your own place.’”. It was kind of a big deal to go meet Springsteen. Joe and Neilia’s sons, Hunter and Beau Biden, survived the fatal car accident, which happened in December 1972 right after Joe was first elected to the United States Senate. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill. In the interview with Inside Edition, Bill Stevenson—the owner of the Delaware nightclub the Stone Balloon and Jill Biden’s first husband—claims the story that Joe and Jill tell about how they met is a lie. At the time Biden was married to his first wife Neilia who died along with their one-year-old daughter Naomi in a car crash between the election and Biden taking his Senate seat. Fabian asked Stevenson if the Bidens’ story of how they met is true. “The Bidens, who have been married since 1977, have publicly said they met on a blind date in 1975 — after Joe became a widower and Jill’s first marriage had broken up,” the New York Post reported. Voter Humiliates Biden: What Do You Have To Say Besides 'You Ain't Black'? Fabian also asked Stevenson why he waited until now to tell this story. He said back in May it had crunched his bumper and they told him to get an estimate and he never heard back from them. I genuinely don’t want to harm Jill’s chances of becoming First Lady. This story comes out right before the election; a lot of people are going to ask some questions,” Fabian asked. You also agree to our. “Then one day a man came into his bar and asked him to pay damages for a fender bender that involved Jill,” Fabian said. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a. “She said ‘Joe asked me to keep an eye on the boys.’” Stevenson said. She was beautiful — you might call her drop-dead gorgeous. The relationship of Joe and Jill Biden is well documented. Jill Biden’s first husband is speaking out about what he claims was then-Sen. Joe Biden’s affair with the woman who is now hoping to become America’s first lady. Right before the election in ‘72, Jill, Joe, Neilia and I were in his kitchen. “I said: ‘You gotta go. Jill was my wife.”. Stevenson also denied that any Republican Party or Trump campaign officials reached out to him to get him to go public with his story. “Yes I did,” Stevenson replied. Hunter Biden, meanwhile, has had his share of problems over the years with drugs and relationships but also has drawn scrutiny over various financial relationships he developed with foreign powers like the Chinese Communist Party and business dealings in Ukraine. But Jill Biden’s ex-husband says there’s much more to the story, claiming Jill and Joe’s relationship actually started in 1974 when he was still married to Jill.”. Joe was sworn into the Senate from the hospital where his sons were recovering. Jill was my wife,” Stevenson said in the interview with Inside Edition. Jill Biden and Bill Stevenson were formally divorced in May of 1975.

In an interview with the U.K. Daily Mail last month, Stevenson said he believes Biden and his wife were having an affair by August 1974. Stevenson claims Joe Biden was having an affair with his wife while she was still married to Stevenson. She would make an excellent First Lady — but this is my story. As the story goes, as the Bidens have told it time and again in campaign rallies and books and again most recently at the Democrat National Convention, a few years after Neilia’s death he saw a picture of Jill—a model—on an advertisement in Delaware in March 1975. Then one of her best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close. I was going to my friend’s birthday party that night, so I invited them along. We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member. He was convicted on a fraud charge and spent time on probation related to bad checks. She just looked at me. “It was a blind date. “But facts are facts and what happened, happened.”. Biden was driving it,’ and I went, ‘What?’” Stevenson recalled. Joe and Jill Biden had their first date in March of 1975, and they married in June of 1977,” a Jill Biden spokesman told Inside Edition. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill. JOE Biden and his wife Jill had an affair that broke up her first marriage, her first husband has claimed. How do you forget that?”, Fabian said that “that would be three years before that now-famous blind date.”. I gave $10,900 to his first campaign — in cash.”, The Daily Mail continued, “Stevenson said he first suspected Biden and Jill were having an affair in August 1974. Joe and Jill Biden had their first date in March of 1975, and they married in June of 1977,” a Jill Biden spokesman told Inside Edition. I was surprised that she came to me.”, Stevenson said that in October 1974, “I was at work and a guy came in and asked: ‘Do you own a brown Corvette?’ I said yes, it’s my wife’s car. Stevenson claims Joe Biden was having an affair with his wife while she was still married to Stevenson. Jill Biden separated from her first husband irreconcilably in the fall of 1974 and moved out of their marital home. Twitter Backs Down After Major Backlash for Censoring Hunter Biden Story, What Leaked with Biden Emails Hints FBI Investigation Could Have Already Taken a Damning Turn, Checkmate: Twitter Will Have To Block a Government Website To Censor Hunter Biden Bombshell After Creative Move by GOP, Larry Elder: We've Got a Fatherhood Crisis, And It's Not Limited to Black America.

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