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The Soviets initially grossly overestimated the number of deaths, claiming at the Nuremberg Trials in July 1944 that there were no fewer than 400,000 Jewish victims, and the official Soviet count was of 1.5 million victims of different nationalities,[25] Independent Canadian journalist Raymond Arthur Davies, who was based in Moscow and on the payroll of the Canadian Jewish Congress,[26][27] visited Majdanek on August 28, 1944. From October 1942 onwards, Majdanek also had female overseers. [2], Operation Reinhard has been argued to be named after Reinhard Heydrich. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Carlo Mattogno, Belzec in Propaganda, Some Nazi personnel of the camp were prosecuted immediately after the war, and some in the decades afterward. The camp was staffed by about 20 SS men, assisted by 90 Ukrainians, all Soviet prisoners of war who had volunteered to serve the Germans; among the Ukrainians were Volksdeutsche— eastern European nationals of German ethnic origin. 19 Feb 1946. These tables contain no names). Belzec, Polish Bełżec, Nazi German complex of concentration camps and an extermination camp in and near the village of Bełżec along the Lublin-Lviv railway line in the Lublin province of German-occupied Poland. See also Holocaust convergence of evidence: Paul Grubach on steam claims. The more important and ignored result is instead argued to be that the extensive examination using modern technology was again unable to find the enormous burial pits stated in the political correct version.[12][13][14][15][3].

The detainees charged with gathering wood are argued to have required more than 26 years to gather the necessary amount. Henri Roques, The [...] Jules Schelvis writes that ‘in Sobibór, after the arrival of transports, the fresh work forces for Dorohucza’ were ‘selected.’ At Dorohucza, 5 km from Trawniki, was a labor camp where peat was cut.

Main telephone: 202.488.0400 [...] Elias Alex Cohen, deported to Sobibór on March 17, 1943, spent only a few hours in the camp and was sent to Lublin with 35 other Jews. We are paying with our blood."[35]. This study exposes the Belzec hoax by thoroughly examining all Later researchers tried to take much more evidence into account, using records of deportations, contemporaneous population censuses, and recovered Nazi records. The Poles allegedly carried out "an onsite, physical examination of the steam chambers" and submitted an "expert report" with evidence to the Nuremberg trials. This was an increase of 10,000 visitors from the previous year. There are no signs of

EVIDENCE by JOHN CLIVE BALL, All photographs of heaps [14] The next morning, 25 Jews who had succeeded in hiding were found and shot. Forensic investigations have been conducted in October 1945 and in 1997/1999. These workers were often sent to be murdered in the gas chambers after a few months and replaced with “new” prisoners. Changes in the history textbooks?

This has been argued to be an absurd claim, considering that numerous documents state that the German industry was in constant and desperate need of manpower during the war and that many measures were taken in the labor camps (including Auschwitz) in order to maintain the work force and keep it in a condition fit for work. By mid-October 1942 the camp held 9,519 registered prisoners, of which 7,468 (or 78.45%) were Jews, and another 1,884 (19.79%) were non-Jewish Poles. In November and December 1944, four SS Men and two kapos were placed on trial; one committed suicide and the rest were hanged on December 3, 1944. According to most accounts, Globocnik allegedly poisoned himself In none of the three camps would it have been possible to acquire the quantities of wood needed to cremate the alleged number of bodies within the allowed time frame. Argued transit, sorting, and hygienic camps, Carbon monoxide as alleged killing method, Gas chamber expansion claims at Treblinka, Brief summary of some revisionist criticisms, Recent revisionist views on the fate of the Jews argued to be deported to the occupied Soviet Union, Holocaust Handbooks by Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf, and Thomas Kues.

1990s. released no pictures of mass graves or heaps of corpses and allowed no Between September 1942 and the summer of 1944 tens of thousands of Jews, most from Poland, were murdered in Majdanek, outside of Lublin. However, these claims have now been completely abandoned, which is likely related to the realization that steam is not plausible as a mass killing method. [16], In late July 1944, with Soviet forces rapidly approaching Lublin, the Germans hastily evacuated the camp. 1905) was an engineer and SS hygiene The investigation did find that the earth had been disturbed in 33 places. Visitors include Jews, Poles, and others that wish to learn more about the harsh crimes against humanity. Updates? For this reason, the cremation of the alleged gassing victims cannot have occurred. in the suburbs of Lublin. He described the camp as a transit camp.[1]. Although 1,000 inmates had previously been forcibly marched to Auschwitz (of whom only half arrived alive), the Red Army still found thousands of inmates, mainly POWs, still in the camp and ample evidence of the mass murder that had occurred there. The Yad Vashem website had recently undergone a major upgrade! These claims are no longer mentioned in politically correct descriptions. The gassing was performed in plain view of other inmates, without as much as a fence around the buildings. Subsequently, Himmler issued an order that the deportations of Jews to the camps from the five districts of occupied Poland, which constituted the Nazi Generalgouvernement, be completed by the end of 1942. Tried and executed by the, Camp commandant from November 1, 1943 to May 5, 1944. Sorting procedures in association with this at these camps (as well as at other Holocaust camps that were partially or exclusively transit camps) may have involved splitting up individuals from the same group and with these individuals never seeing one another again. By August 1943, there were 16,206 prisoners in the main camp, of which 9,105 (56.18%) were Jews and 3,893 (24.02%) were non-Jewish Poles. By using three gas vans, nearly 300,000 Jews and 5,000 Sinti and Roma were murdered in Chelmno. Later the workforce included 2,000 Red Army POWs, who had to survive extreme conditions, including sleeping out in the open. that. The Gerstein Report is argued to have played an important part in this. The victims were stripped of their clothing and crowded into the gas chambers where they died of suffocation within a short time. 2,000,000 Zelda Metz, Stanislaw Szmajzner, 800,000 Kurt Ticho, Ch. Other sources claim he was killed by partisans or Jewish This was due to a rule applied by the West German justice system that only those directly involved in the murder process could be charged. [3], The disturbed earth with no corpse remains is argued to likely be due to the documented activities of postwar treasure hunters, who searched for items such as jewelry, but who would not have been interested in removing skeletal remains or ash.

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