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(XX) The Business has all appropriate and up-to-date private licences, registrations and permits (including but not limited to subscriptions, software licences, distribution licences, licences to use intellectual property or any other licences whatsoever) for all products, services, intellectual property and Assets that are used by the Business. No license under any trademark, patent or copyright, or application for same which are now or thereafter may be obtained by Disclosing Party is either granted or implied by the conveying of Confidential Information. If your hospital seems failing at serving the critical conditions of the patient admitted, you can make an agreement with the other well-equipped hospital. At the end, you will immediately receive the document in Word and PDF formats. (2) 552 522525 85555228 2552 58 52 252 8222822822 8522, 252 522525 8888 5582 2552 588 52282222 25222228 225 252 225825 52 22 525 828855822 252 8222822822 8522. Have a look at the message and if you find it useful the template is only a click away. (2) 552 522525 525282 82522282828 252 255855825 5258282 522 525 588 885828 52852822 22 252 2228222222 22 522 52282222 25 522822228 555822 252 225825 52 22 525 828855822 252 8222822822 8522. You fill out a form. (XVII) As at the Completion Date, the Business will not be in breach of any of the Insurance Policies. Any change, alteration, amendment, or modification to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by authorized representatives of both the Parties. (h) On Completion, and upon receipt by the Vendor of the Purchase Price, the Vendor must provide to the Purchaser all forms, assignments, transfers, bills of sale, consents, assurances or other relevant documents, fully executed by all relevant parties as required, in order to transfer to the Purchaser all of the Vendor's right, title and interest in any contracts, licences, leases, agreements or other arrangements that form part of the Business or the Assets or are used in connection with the Business or the Assets, or must provide evidence to the Purchaser's reasonable satisfaction of such transfers to the Purchaser. You will receive it in Word and PDF formats. (2) 5588 885582 8888 8558882 22528252822, 2528552822 25 8222822822 22 2588 825222222. (d) In relation to any physical assets which form part of the Assets ("the Physical Assets"), on Completion, and upon receipt by the Vendor of the Purchase Price, the Vendor must deliver possession of the Physical Assets in the same condition as the Physical Assets were in on the Agreement Date, and free of any encumbrances, liens, charges, or third party rights (except for any encumbrances, liens, charges, or third party rights which have been expressly accepted by the Purchaser in writing). This Business Sale Agreement is for use when the owner of a business sells the business to a new owner. "Parties" means the Vendor and the Purchaser collectively. The reason to make such a transfer needs to be specified in the description. This document can be used when a Vendor and Purchaser are getting ready to enter into a new contract for the purchase of business. (a) The Parties hereby agree and confirm that the Purchaser shall not assume any of the Vendor's liabilities or obligations which have arisen out of or in connection with the Vendor's operation of or ownership of the Business during the period prior to and including the Completion Date. (d) A Party that benefits from a particular condition ("Particular Condition") must take all reasonable steps and must make all reasonable efforts to satisfy that Particular Condition. You can choose this agreement example template that has already created the structure that you may use to shape your agreement. (c) Risk in the Assets, Possession of the Assets, Title to the Assets and the benefit of any goodwill passes to the Purchaser at Completion. The above Purchase Price is inclusive of taxes, as may be applicable on the transaction. Transfer any material or property from one organization or entity to another with relative ease using the above agreement template in Microsoft Word, that is easy to edit and customize the way you like best.Be able to specify all details regarding any transfer such as what the items, property, or any other physical materials to be transferred possession or ownership of. (a) On the reasonable request of the Purchaser, the Vendor will permit the Purchaser or the Purchaser's agents, advisors or representatives to have reasonable access to the Business or the Business Premises or such documentation or information about the Business as the Purchaser reasonably requests, solely for the purpose of enabling the Purchaser to confirm any representations or warranties made by the Vendor in this Agreement and to confirm the financial position of the Business. The given sample is one simple frame of transfer agreement for patients who need to be shifted to other hospitals for intensive care. This share transfer agreement template is suitable for the transfer of shares in both private and public companies and can be used in place of a stock transfer form, or in addition to one. (2) 552 522525 85555228 2552 58 52 252 8222822822 8522, 252 522525 8888 5582 2552 588 52282222 25222228 225 252 225825 52 22 525 828855822 252 8222822822 8522. The Parties hereby acknowledge and agree that nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute a partnership, joint venture, agency relationship or otherwise between the Parties. At the end, you receive it in Word and PDF formats. THIS AGREEMENT (hereinafter "Agreement") is entered into on ________ at ________, ________, son of ________, resident of ________ (hereinafter referred to as the "Vendor" which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context be deemed to include its legal heirs, administrators and permitted assigns) of the ONE PART, ________, son of ________, resident of ________ (hereinafter referred to as the "Purchaser" which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context be deemed to include its legal heirs, administrators and permitted assigns) of the OTHER PART, Vendor and Purchaser may be referred to individually as "Party" and collectively as the "Parties.". BUSINESS TRANSFER AGREEMENT. If you have monitored that your medical facility could not make many improvements, in any case, it is better to prepare a proper agreement. (X) There are no outstanding notices or orders from any person, body or authority affecting the Business or the Assets. The Receiving Party shall not receive any intellectual property rights in the Confidential Information other than a limited right to use the Confidential Information for the purposes specified in this Agreement. (b) It is a condition precedent to the Vendor's obligation to complete the sale of Business described in this Agreement that on or before the Completion Date, the Purchaser takes all reasonable and necessary steps including executing all forms, applications, transfers, registrations, approvals, declarations or other documents, (whether provided by any private person, organisation or public authority), in order to facilitate the purchase of Business described under this Agreement. Any transfer taxes, fees and duties, including but not limited to stamp duty, other duties, federal taxes, state taxes, registration fees and transfer fees will be paid by the Purchaser. So download this template now and keep this agreement ready for different cases that you might face. (XXI) The information about the Business and the Assets which the Vendor has provided to the Purchaser prior to the signing of this Agreement (including but not limited to financial information and accounting records of the Business) ("the Information") is complete, accurate and true in all material respects. (j) The Vendor must take all necessary steps and must execute all necessary documents as reasonably required by the Purchaser, in order to complete the transfer to the Purchaser of all Assets or to give effect to this Agreement, including any registration or filing of any applications, transfers, releases of charges, encumbrances or other securities, or registration or filing of any other documents. (8) 552 522525 85555228 2552 252 522525 525 252 85882288 8888 222, 8825252 252 255855825'8 25825 8582222 8228222, 225282522 252 2228222222 22 522 52282222 25 522822228 852 552 22282225 82 252 85882288 52 252 825222222 8522. It depends on the nature of the condition that needs to be addressed. (8) 552 522525 525282 85555228 2552 22 252 8282 22 252 522525'8 222882522, 258222 58 558 8222 252528882 588882825 22 252 255855825, 25252 552 22 2225822 25 52288825225 2522258, 885828 25 58825228 828288822 522 52282222 25 522822228 85885 28252 5258225882 82 25228225 22 5582 5 22252882 822582 22 252 2522825888822 25 252558288822 22 252 85882288. This agreement is done when a medical institution witnesses that they are not being able to make any improvement in the patient’s condition. (b) For the purposes of this clause, "the Time Period" means, from the Completion Date: (c) This clause will survive termination, expiration or Completion of this Agreement. Rating: (III) The Vendor has the full legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and to perform all of the Vendor's obligations under this Agreement. (c) In relation to any contracts, deeds, leases, licences or other agreements that are connected to or related to the Business (each hereinafter referred to as an "Agreement"), as and from the Completion Date (or such other date when the respective Agreement is assigned to the Purchaser) the Vendor hereby indemnifies, keeps indemnified and holds harmless the Purchaser in relation to all liabilities and obligations under the respective Agreement relating to matters prior to the Completion Date (or such other date when the Agreement is assigned to the Purchaser). (8) 552 522525 85555228 2552 258222 58 558 8222 252528882 588882825 22 252 255855825, 252 85882288 558 22 22525 28882528228 2285558 522 52282222 25 522822228 8522525 82 852 22 52 2222525882 525222222 25 225258882. 5588 82885528 852 88 222 8828225 22 825228582 58825228, 8255825858 58825228, 825225'8 822222852822 885828, 522585 588288858 885828 25 522 22525 2228222222 5285225 58825228 8552822825. (a) Any dispute(s) arising out of this Agreement shall, as far as possible, be settled amicably between the Parties hereto failing which the following shall apply: (b) The courts in ________ shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute, differences or claims arising out of this Agreement.

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