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GABE Watson says he keeps a photo of his deceased wife next to that of his new wife. 'I heard the evidence. "I didn't know that everybody knew but us," testified Tommy Thomas, who occasionally stared toward the defendant during breaks in the questioning this morning. This is something very close to an embedded admission although he remains vague. Note that he doesn’t call her by her name, he refers to his wife as “She”. To say “You know, is then that I decided: Well I’m going to go get somebody that maybe knows what to do” goes against the law of economy, “I called for help” was expected. Only someone with a guilty knowledge has a psychological need to be seen in a positive light. This one is special for me because I had the opportunity to coach Gabe at Piedmont HS (Bay Area) in both football and track & field during his junior and senior seasons as an assistant.

Gabe is lying, if the battery was in backwards, the computer couldn’t beep at him.

Gabe at first is speaking at the past tense “She had both arms up, she was looking up before I realised she was going faster than” but unexpectedly he adds something at the present tense “I can’t catch up with her”.

He doesn’t say “the current was what” not to lie. “You know” shows an acute awareness of the interviewer at this question. Gabe Watson during his capital murder trial at Birmingham, Alabama in February 2012. Gabe Watson: Pretty much just rocketed to the top, you know, I just swam up to the top, I probably never swam so fast in my life.

Defense attorney says he hopes "decsion gives closure for everyone. Was he thinking that they could see him while murdering his wife? He was then charged by Alabama authorities with Tina’s murder and put on trial. This is true, he “can’t catch up with her” right now. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Note that he doesn’t call his wife by her name nor even refers to her as “her”.

Tina’s gone down, I need help. Note the word “fight”, this could be “Leakage”. “I probably never swam so fast in my life” is something unnecessary to say and when he says “I’m amazed that I didn’t end up with the bends or something”, he shows a need to ingratiate himself with the investigators. This is another indication that Gabe knows how to use past tense verbs. Note that when Gabe says “I just can’t help”, he is speaking at the present tense. He doesn’t say that he was thinking these people could see them and get there to help but that they could “think something was going on”. Note also “just”, a dependent word used in comparison.

© 2010 Battle Prep West. We often find these words in the language of the guilty. Gabe Watson: I started to go down just a couple of feet under the water, my computer beeped at me uhm (…). The word “just” is a dependent word used in comparison.

Circuit Judge Tommy Nail ruled there was no evidence that a reasonable person could consider to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Watson, 34, committed an Alabama crime. Gabe Watson doesn’t say “I couldn’t catch up with her” not to lie. Christina "Tina" Watson was 26 year old when she died while scuba diving with her husband Gabe on their honeymoon in Queensland, Australia, on October 22, 2003. Gabe's First Name Origin Information Origin: English Gender: Male Meaning: Short Form Of Gabriel Gabe's Last Name (Watson) 2020 Census Data Rank in Popularity: 76 Count in USA: 242,432 White: 69% Black: 27% Asian/Pacific Island: 0% Asian: 1% 2 Races Combined: 2% Hispanic: 2%. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Gabe Watson and his father, David Watson, told co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas they believed the prosecution was a politically motivated move by former Alabama Attorney General Troy King, 3113 days ago Gabe Watson: So I knew without any doubt that that was the problem. of Sioux Falls RB Gabe Watson: NCAA Division 2 Rushing Leader by Coach Kindell on Jan 17, 2019 • 6:07 pm No Comments. Gabe Watson says new wife not a lookalike.

On October 23, 2003 Gabe Watson was interviewed by an australian detective about his wife Tina's suspect drowning, during the interview his mother was close to him: Gabe… We wish Gabe continued success throughout his career and we are proud of the Bay Area native. Despite public denials from Troy King, the former Alabama attorney general, the Watson family believes the U.S. prosecution was for political gain. "Fatal Honeymoon" tells the story of the scuba diving death and its aftermath. The judge said there was no evidence of intentional murder or murder for monetary gain in the scuba-diving death of Tina Thomas Watson. His psychological need to avoid the internal stress of a direct lie is evident.

Gabe Watson was initially charged by Queensland authorities with his wife Tina’s murder. AAP March 3, 2012 9:29pm. So happy that this is finally over and the truth has been told!

He pleaded guilty of manslaughter and was subsequently sentenced to a term of imprisonment for this charge. Skip to navigation. When Gabe says “Tina’s gone down”, he is telling the truth, he just doesn’t say why she went down.

“that… that”, note the presence of a pause to think that shows that the question is sensitive to him. All Rights Reserved. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Present tense language is deemed “unreliable”. On  February 23, 2012, Alabama judge Tommy Nail dismissed the murder case due to lack of evidence.

Latest on Southern Miss Golden Eagles guard Gabe Watson including complete game-by-game stats on ESPN. This may be an indication that Gabe may have told the investigators before what was not from his experiential memory previously. All rights reserved (About Us).

He is right. Leakage is the inadvertent release of information relevant to the investigation. Right now he “can’t help” Tina anymore.

In “whatever thing took place that caused her to either blackout or whatever and sink” not just the word “whatever” is sensitive because it’s repeated twice but Gabe is deliberately vague to be able to explain later to the investigator what doesn’t fit forensically or logically. On October 23, 2003 Gabe Watson was interviewed by an australian detective about his wife Tina’s suspect drowning, during the interview his mother was close to him: Gabe Watson: Tina’s gone down, I need help. Univ. ... 2019-20 Regular Season.

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