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Thibaw sent envoys to Paris, and in January 1885 the French signed a treaty of trade with the kingdom of Ava and dispatched a French consul to Mandalay. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts... Spanish America After Independence, 1825-1900, Tudor and Stuart Britain in the Wider World, 1485-1685, Warfare, Medicine, and Disease in the Atlantic World.

Louis II, whose reign was in many ways the high point of the Carolingian kingdom in the peninsula, was an…, When French troops invaded Italy in the spring of 1796, they found fertile ground for the revolutionary ideas and practices of their native country. …was abolished and a new French state created, under the supreme authority of Pétain himself.
French armies consisted primarily of the prized and formidable Swiss Reisläufer, mercenary units that…. These…, Émigrés looked to Revolutionary France for assistance, and General Jan Henryk Dąbrowski succeeded in 1797 in persuading Napoleon Bonaparte, then waging his Italian campaign, to create auxiliary Polish legions. During the 1890s, France faced a major constitutional crisis in the Dreyfus affair.
The societies that grew up there were not exactly Latin American…, …also invaded; in 1642 the French established Fort-Dauphin in the southeast and maintained it until 1674. There are many very good books on French history, in both French and English.

Major historical dates and events in French history, with wars and battles; the reigns of the kings, queens and political figures. The United States transferred power peacefully in the Philippines in 1946. Knighted and recognized as a general, Toussaint demonstrated extraordinary military ability and attracted such renowned warriors as his nephew…, …of the royalist movement in France during the Second Restoration (1815–30). Eleanor became queen of France, a title she held for the next 15 years. There Maximilian’s military innovation saved him. Napoleon orders his French and Spanish ships out of Cadiz to do battle with the British. …War (1921–26) against Spanish and French rule in North Africa and founder of the short-lived Republic of the Rif (1923–26).

The French encouraged local initiative and favoured the use of Slovene as an official language. This was largely because of Tonkin’s proximity to southern China, where the French sought to expand their influence, and because of Tonkin’s mineral resources. Because of his prudence, the council appointed him tutor to the young king (June 1428–May 1436). …the following century English and French merchants controlled about half of the transatlantic slave trade, taking a large percentage of their human cargo from the region of West Africa between the Sénégal and Niger rivers. … and at isolating Germany’s enemy, France. James IV consequently invaded England, where he died along with thousands of his army in the rashly fought and calamitous Battle of Flodden.

Western dress and translations of French tales of chivalry appeared. By the 1890s, inland penetration by traders such as Marcel Triech-Laplène and military missions such as those of Capt.…, Syria was forcibly placed under French mandate, and Damascus fell to the army of Gen. Henri Gouraud on July 25, 1920, following the battle of Maysalūn.

between Great Britain, Italy, and France. They also stayed outside the Triple Alliance of Holland, England, and Sweden that was concluded in order to ward off the attacks of Louis against the Spanish Netherlands. Sir Francis Walsingham: Ambassador to France and the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew’s Day, history of Europe: The mood of Versailles. …the newly unified monarchies of France and Spain, such foreign intervention echoed the policies of their medieval Angevin and Aragonese forebears. Nelson caught him off Cape Trafalgar on October 21. House of Habsburg: The world power of the Habsburgs, Ho Chi Minh: World War II and the founding of the Vietnamese state, Saint John XXIII: Service as a Vatican diplomat, William Pitt, the Elder: Leadership during Seven Years’ War, William Pitt, the Younger: Pitt’s first ministry, 1783–1801, Armand-Jean du Plessis, cardinal et duc de Richelieu, Gustav Stresemann: Years as foreign minister. Naval vessels and hundreds of civilian boats were used in the evacuation, which began on May 26.

English translation of Die Verwandlung der Welt: Eine Geschichte des 19. The Transformation of the World: A Global History of the Nineteenth Century.

More significantly, France, now liberated and under the leadership of Charles de Gaulle, did not intend to simply accept the fait accompli of an independent Vietnam and attempted to reassert its control. 1830 - 1848 Louis-Philippe I, declared king of the French and King of France. Russia encountered a new opponent in the Far East in the rise of Japan. In time, French attentions were focused on the Tonkin delta region into…, For decades the French had tried without success to retain some influence in the area. France had its own tradition of documentary criticism, stemming from the humanist scholars of the 16th century and stimulated by the founding of the École des Chartes…, In France Jews under Fascist Italian occupation in the southeast fared better than the Jews of Vichy France, where collaborationist French authorities and police provided essential support to the understaffed German forces.

By 1848 France had become an industrial power,…, …European cinema was dominated by France and Italy. Commonly called…, …1917, Vincennes, near Paris, France), dancer and courtesan whose name has become a synonym for the seductive female spy. Led by General Charles de Gaulle, the Free French were eventually able to unify most French resistance forces in their struggle against Germany.

Many of the changes did not…, …in the late 19th century, France already possessed (from 1862) a coaling station at Obock near the mouth of the Red Sea, other areas of the north coast were occupied by Egypt, and southern Somaliland recognized the overlordship of the sultan of Zanzibar.

They forced the emperor Tu Duc (q.v.

A new urban…, French decolonization proved more troublesome.

The French were ultimately successful and named it the French Congo (later French Equatorial Africa), with its capital at Brazzaville. Later discoveries included the Solomon Islands, the Marquesas, and possibly New Guinea, all by the Spaniard Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira;…, The French government was the first to intervene, after two Roman Catholic missionaries were expelled from Tahiti in 1836.

…aid and diplomatic recognition from France.

1814 The Restoration, where the monarchy regains powers. The growth of the French royal domain, 1180–1328.

The diversity of laws…, …the Franche-Comté region of eastern France, he worked for a time (like many later anarchists) as a printer. In 1679…, Some countries, including France and the United Kingdom, sought the establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya to protect rebels and civilians from air attacks, while others, including the United States and Germany, expressed reservations, emphasizing the need for broad international consensus and warning against possible unforeseen consequences…, Exiled Mexican conservatives, who continued to intrigue, enlisted the help of a powerful ally, the French ruler Napoleon III, who wanted to create a Latin league that would include the Mediterranean lands and the former possessions of Spain and Portugal in the New…, The Grimaldis allied themselves with France except for the period from 1524 to 1641, when they were under the protection of Spain.

…then to the kingdom of France. It also supposes a revised chronology between the “early modern” and “modern” periods, as it is necessary to explore whether or not, and how, the study of France in Atlantic history contributes to the crystallization of specific societies around the Atlantic. The Berlin crisis of 1948, however, convinced the French that a way must be found to reconcile German recovery with their own security.

The Russian invasion of East Prussia in August 1914 was a failure: in two unsuccessful battles nearly 150,000 Russians were taken prisoner.

In return he concluded, at the village of Hünkâr İskelesi, near Istanbul (Constantinople), an eight-year treaty that proclaimed peace and friendship between the two nations and a commitment to reach a mutual agreement on all matters relating…. He ruled in accordance with divine and natural justice and had an obligation to preserve the customary rights and liberties of his subjects.

Second, ways of approaching this perspective vary greatly: France in Atlantic history supposes transnational, colonial, and imperial dimensions, as well as asymmetrical mutual influences. After 1962, when Algeria became independent, many far-reaching changes were made to the city as the new government set out to create a modern…, France sponsored an expedition, similar in intent to Flinders’s, at the same time.

The British and French protested the decision, thereby encouraging unsuccessful resistance among the Neapolitans. …became bankers to whom the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars of 1792–1815 came as a piece of great good fortune. Transnational France: The Modern History of a Universal Nation. 1830 Les Trois Glorieuses, 3 days of Parisian revolution.

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