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Viennese trichord

Comments: Best line I've ever used! Comments: I used this for my leader line and tied strong Albright knots. All rights reserved. On both casts both of my knots broke and it definitely wasn't my tying. Comments: this stuff is awesome!!!!! Comments: I was looking for some cheap 25lb. Caught a few spotties, including my personal best, as well as my first ever halibut. Comments: I purchased a 14 lb.& 20 lb. Please take, CAREER HIGH6 181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, © Tackle Warehouse LLC. Comments: This line is really great. not much memory at all and casts well. i can't complain about it. Our COVID-19 Response The Strength to Guarantee Your Confidence New Products Check out our New Power 2C and Dostrike FC Fluorocarbon See all fluorocarbon products, including our best-selling […] Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. We maintain top share in the Japanese fishing line market and exporting our lines to more than 40 countries worldwide. The abrasion resistance of this line is subpar at best. Now I know I can depend on it when fighting a big fish. The 14 pound test was quite a bit Thicker than I was thinking which in the water I fish doesn't matter to much. I like it more for reaction techniques where I'm going to end up changing out my line every few trips if it's getting a workout. Comments: I know a lot of people love sunline but I for one don't. Comments: I bought this line because my friends said that they loved it. Soft and supple as well for easy handling, Sunline Super Fluorocarbon delivers excellent knot strength and quality you can trust. This is perfect for t, Manufacturing and processing Technologies. Never had this happen with Red Label or vicious pro elite. This line is sublet, super super strong, and very sensitive.. Worst line I've ever used. I was apprehensive about the low price but after using it all my fears are gone. learn how to tie a uni knot with the line passed through the eye twice correctly, and you will never have problems when using fluoro. throws extremely easy, by far the easiest flouro i have ever used, i also tried the 20 lb. Not impressed at all,I like the FC sniper a lot but this is bad quaity line. now, it doesn't like the palomar knot, and but neither does any other fluorocarbon. i was using vicious pro elite and its great, it really is but sunline just has it all together in every way. It's worth it. Don't waste your money on it. I used it on a good reel and it made me constantly backlash and when I would pull it out the line would snap. just ordered a 16 lb roll today awesome line!!!! Never had to retie and in my opinion this line actually casts better than the the Spiderwire "ez" flouro does, which surprised me. We maintain top share in the Japanese fishing line market and exporting our lines to more than 40 countries worldwide. New autumn & winter fishing gear 2020. Pick a spool up, and you will not regret it one bit! i will buy alot more! Comments: If you're going cheap go seaguar red label. the 16 is great. I fish So Cal bays for spotted bay bass and sand bass. I'm too cheap to buy the high-end Sunline so I thought I would give this a try since I figured it couldn't be any worse than Spiderwire. low memory, very smooth casting, strong and sensetive... you will not find a better flourocarbon for this price! From: Unknown: 4/10/20, Comments: Good line for the price, I've been fishing this for about 2 weeks and this is good stuff I only have one setup the common 7ft med-heavy and its kept up well I caught 7 fish 6 large mouth and one small striped bass and needed a re-tie bad after.Pros-its durable and pretty invisable and its good line.Cons-It is pretty memory prone it like the shape of your reel and it also after a few fish it kinks and shapes a little weird.Aside from that its amazing for the price and sunline has done it again, good line for a good price. the 20 is a little stiff compared to other 20 pound fluoros i have used but it still casts very well. But more so than the Sunline, you have to check your line often if you get around the thick stuff. One is this line and one is Seaguar Red Label. been usin 20lb for flippin, pitchin, and jigs and i must say, im impressed. From: Bryan: TX, Comments: Sure this is not as Limp as Fc sniper or cast as smoothly .But this line has exactly what i wanted in it.Strength for pitching a jig and pulling the fish out of cover.It is a thicker line than sniper so it does handle differently but i have no complaints.Still cast a great distance with a 3/8 oz jig and pretty resistant to abrasion.For now on if i am bottom fishing this line gets the Nod but if i am throwing cranks or reactions then Fc sniper is the ticket. Comments: Great line very strong I use the 16 & 20lb my only complaint is that it coils up like a spring!! AZ, Comments: Not durable at all always I have broken off on about a third of the fish that I have hooked with this line and trust me it is not user error. super tough, sensitive, and the diameter to pound test is awesome!

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