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I hope she finds success in the future and can value the past two years for the experiences and memories they gave her... they weren't all bad, after all. Bitching at the company just looks really bad, especially because they have to have a career afterwards and kpop is pretty global and verified SNS are really easy to find. ||Angrily Boiling Lemons, STAN CHUNGHA, K.A.R.D, GFRIEND, AND PRISTIN|NOT BLACKPINK|. I'm just being real. KPOP Argentina. You're being used as a prop and it's a shame. A side blog dedicated to singer/actress/model Alexandra Reid. Does that mean DR Music terminated her contract as well, or is she still under them even if she's been removed from Rania? It seems like she, and a lot of fans, was expecting it though.

I wanted that tea, but I'm glad she released such a thoughtful video instead. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Twice | I love girl groups with my whole heart, Please do better. They have cycled through so many members, there has not been one member that has stayed in the group for the en…. Your source for information on Dr Music's multi-national, girl group, BP Rania (formerly Rania). I mean the ones directly attached to DR might be, but I bet she had some good times learning Korean, exploring Seoul, etc. The group is currently working on their comeback, Alex // Rania // Top notch bunny dripping hot hot honey..., “[PREVIEW] 151123 RaNiA (Alex) @ Sinchon Fansign / source: with rania ”, BP RaNia, or Black Pearl RaNia, has had many ups and downs since their debut in 2011. Really articulate response, only expect great things from her in the future, in show business or otherwise :). Kpop isn't ready for a full African American in a group and honestly I partly understand because it is kpop which is meant for an Asian audience, but just yeah...when you're not even Asian and you don't know the language or culture that well... Would you like to tell that to Wendy of Red Velvet, Seungyeon and Kyla of Pristin, Krystal and Amber of F(x), Jessica, Tiffany of GG, Mark of NCT, Mark of GOT7, Somi, Chungha, Kim Samuel, or Jay Park?Cause they are all western born idols, most of whom, were in america for a decent amount of time before their debut.But I'm assuming you meant you don't want non-asians in kpop. KPOP on Facebook. So you should probably just say that. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If anything she should put out an English tape or something, she has enough fans to support her even if she's independent and if she has the talent a label might sign her. K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating in South Korea.

Give it time, she needs to find an editor for her memoirs. Alex Reid, Beverly Hills, California. Thank God it's finally over for all involved - as Alex said it's most likely for the best. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This is a very mature and classy response, to be honest. Maybe they don't have to be so overwhelmingly shiny and bright but like. Stop with this inclusivity crap! Apart of me is glad she decided to be the bigger person in this situation and not trash anyone and just put out a nice goodbye messsage to BP Rania fans. But I was semi-hoping for her to tell us what really was happening behind the scenes and how she/other members was treated, for some closure and messydrama BUT this I think is best case scenerio. Seoulwave.

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