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bishop glenn plummer

While Pastor Hayford was moving Rabbi Shlomo Riskin to tears with his devotion to Israel he was simultaneously calling for a Christian messianic restoration in the Jewish state and personally mentoring, sending and sponsoring missionaries to Israel to target Jews for conversion. So how did the Plummers manage to enter Israel at the height of Covid-19 restrictions, establish a church jurisdiction, achieve full residency and secure a residence in the Jewish State? I instantly fell in love with Israel,” she shared. At the time of the visit, Pastor Adeboye was teaching what can only be described as Supersessionist Replacement Theology to his purported millions of disciples (RCCG also has several parishes throughout Israel): “The physical Jews expect Isaiah 49:23 to be fulfilled but they failed to realize that a change has occurred. But in all seriousness, COGIC boasts impressive numbers, with an estimated 6.5 million, . It’s not what I do. I think it is spiritual, it is natural and it is political. I understand that they are not accomplishing whatever it is that they think they are trying to accomplish anyway.”, Plummer added that Detroit, the city where he lived for 45 years before coming to Israel, has the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East. Or sell them as pawns in the name and game of faith-based diplomacy. I’ve never been involved with them. “A Christian Zionist is a Christian who believes that the country of Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish people and that the Jewish people have the right, and the responsibility, to not only just live here but, from this place, give definition to the world for what this country is, for what Hashem’s (God’s) intention has always been, who He is, to introduce Him to the world. In the recent edition of the journal Jewish Action, rabbinic leaders and writers addressed the challenges and decision-making processes involved in less-than- kosher dealings and relationships. Nine years ago, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed joined HaYovel (Christian volunteer harvesters) founder Tommy Waller and Shomron leaders Gershon Mesika, David Ha’ivri and Yossi Dagan in a widely disseminated. Beyond the spiritual connotation, they see the literal Land of Israel as promised to them and their millions of followers too. Certainly I’ve had the opportunity. Plummer’s response was swift and adamant. “Prior to coming to Israel, I had a love and passion for Israel because of what I read in the Bible,” he shared. Binyamin Netanyahu Facing Threats on Several Fronts, Think Again Before Condemning Yitzhar for its Sign, Thank You for Sending Vision to the World Zionist Congress, Glenn Plummer’s ‘Stake’ in Israel Exposes Faith-based Pitfalls, A Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict No One Mentions, Jewish Independence is a Theological Scandal, The Six Day War Threatens Western Civilization, Netanyahu Says Sovereignty Dependent on US Approval, Netanyahu Prepared to Write a Check to Every Citizen, Likud Party ‘Rebels’ Merely Offering Shallow Nationalism, The Black Hebrew Israelites are Appropriating Our Identity. He spoke about how COGIC has already brought hundreds of black millenials to Israel who have returned to the US “and become advocates naturally because they come here, they see, they hear the story and they’ve gone back to tell the truth,” he stated. “Coming here awakened something in me so beautifully. the “Land of Israel Camp” all vehemently deny collaboration with missionary entities, including such clauses in their policy statements. At the time of the visit, Pastor Adeboye was teaching what can only be described as Supersessionist Replacement Theology to his purported millions of disciples (RCCG also has several parishes throughout Israel): Yet after the press conferences, full-page ads and photo ops, there was yet another disgraceful moment caught on camera and posted on Adeboye’s RCCG Israel website. Israel really sells itself. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein featured Pastor Hayford in promotional ads and infomercials promoting IFCJ. But a few years down the road, after having received the best of Israeli technology and military equipment and aid, Sudan decides to use those resources to, once again, engage in hostilities against Darfur – massacring and displacing hundreds of thousands…yada…yada…yada, When Joseph’s brothers cast him into a pit, our sages note that the pit was empty – there was no water in it, but there were snakes and scorpions in it….

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