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choicest in a sentence

“He is here,” he repeated gravely, and the words were couched in his choicest accents. Another of the favourite haunts of the people was the garden of Gray's Inn, where the choicest society was to be met. The government may need to revise its. A few miles below Dubuque is the Tete de Mort-Death's-head rock, or bluff-to the top of which the French drove a band of Indians, in early times, and cooped them up there, with death for a certainty, and only the manner of it matter of, Bernard was in that state of mind when it is the greatest of blessings to be saved the distress of. fleur), a term popularly used for the bloom or blossom of a plant, and so by analogy for the fairest, choicest or finest part or aspect of anything, and in various technical senses. Dining When it comes time to tantalize the taste buds, the resort's two restaurants offer the choicest Asian and European Delicacies. So extravagant is Nature with her choicest treasures, spending plant beauty as she spends sunshine, pouring it forth into land and sea, garden and desert. Tags: The government has dismissed criticisms that the country's health, 21. And so the beauty of lilies falls on angels and men, bears and squirrels, wolves and sheep, birds and bees,... . Goethe: I have observed that as long as a man lives and exerts himself he can always find food and raiment, though, it may be, not of the choicest description. He accordingly commissioned Hephaestus to fashion a woman out of earth, upon whom the gods bestowed their choicest gifts. cough syrup containing the choicest liquor. : 2: Under historic-cost accounting, the banks had every reason not to restructure assets, because that meant owning up to their losses. Choicest quotes from YourDictionary: There is a limit to enjoyment, though the sources of wealth be boundlessAnd the choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation. Thanks for your vote! The word "choice-to" in a example sentences. I have observed that as long as a man lives and exerts himself he can always find food and raiment, though, it may be, not of the choicest description. No. God, chosen, little, nations, vessels, carries, wines, lips, humanity. 13. Terms of Use Let the choicest dainties be heaped together in unbounded profusion. Examples of choicest in a Sentence. Tags: They are made from the milk of the large flocks of the plateau of Larzac, and the choicest are ripened in the even temperature of the caves in the cliff which overhangs Roquefort. Definition of choicest in the dictionary. It is not he that reads most, but he that meditates most on Divine truth, that will prove the choicest, wisest, strongest Christian. He is taken to a magnificent banquet, lubricated by the, Nobles occupied all bishoprics and all the, The first class passengers can opt for their, In the Church, nobles occupied all bishoprics and all the, Females, Byers found, expend huge efforts bullying other pronghorns, and much of their time is taken up jostling each other for the. The effect of the numerous flowering shoots and the grey foliage is good, and the plant is worth a place in the choicest garden for its graceful habit and long season of beauty, and the value of its slender panicles for cutting. "choicest." The committee are busy laying down a general, 9. The conference gave its official sanction to the change of, 26. It was the policy of the good old gentlemen to make his chileren feel that home was the happiest place in the world; and I value this delicious home---feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow. The choicest thing this world has for a man is affection. From that work we learn that the higher education of the youth of Bagdad consisted principally in a minute and careful study of the rules and principles of grammar, and in their committing to memory the whole of the Koran, a treatise or two on philology and jurisprudence, and the choicest Arabian poetry. Raised from seed it also gives much variety in habit, flowers, and foliage, two of the choicest forms being albus, with creamy white flowers, and superbus, with large flowers of soft pale yellow. Chinese people benefit a lot from the open-up, 14. reads, most, meditates, Divine, truth, prove, wisest, strongest, Christian. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Forcing is the accelerating, by special treatment, of the growth of certain plants, which are required to be had in leaf, in flower or in fruit before their natural season, - as, for instance, the leaves of mint at Eastertide or the leafstalks of sea-kale and rhubarb at Christmas, the flowers of summer in the depth of winter, or some of the choicest fruits perfected so much before their normal period as to complete, with the retarded crops of winter, the circle of the seasons. By continuing, you agree to our The choicest and strongest tea is made of the topmost and tenderest buds of the plant. Dining When it comes time to tantalize the taste buds, the resort 's two restaurants offer the choicest Asian and European Delicacies. The Rime in Vita e Morte di Madonna Laura cannot become obsolete, for perfect metrical form has here been married to language of the choicest and the purest. sentence; 1: If Greece, Ireland, and Portugal do not restructure their debt in an orderly fashion they will ultimately have to default unilaterally. choice definition: 1. an act or the possibility of choosing: 2. the range of different things from which you can…. : This circumstance did not fail to give me the most heartful satisfaction, and I hailed it as a happy omen of ultimate success. extravagant, Nature, treasures, spending, plant, beauty, spends, sunshine, pouring, Yes, I'd like to receive Word of the Day emails from The manufacturing methods are elaborate and careful, and the produce has in its choicest qualities a particular delicacy and bouquet possessed by no other variety of tea. Reducing inflation is central to the government's economic, 16. Learn more. Out of its crabbedness and spitefulness come the finest, But money is all-potent, and wealthy oppidans soon found means to elbow the aristocracy in their, It could not be denied that this man had been the world's, The while Haviland had hardly noticed how the other had been allotting all the, Bacchus supplied streams of nectar to its root, and vertumnus showered his, The birds were mating, life was forward, and Nature loves to be democratically lavish with her, Caspar would not have exchanged Fritz for the, It was a currish image, suggestive of the, John Barleycorn was on a truth-telling rampage, giving away the, More than four hundred reproductions of Nast's, In spite of all these various events which kept the town in the, They did so with keen forethought, loading themselves with the, Up Broadway he turned, and halted at a glittering cafe, where are gathered together nightly the, Heep gradually got nearer to me, and that Uriah gradually got opposite to me, and that they respectfully plied me with the, In a country of birches, a rod is never seen, and it ought not to appear a marvel in my eyes, that the, It is strange that in one twelve hours the Abbey should have cast off its foulest weed and should now lose what we are fain to look upon as our. Maria, contains the choicest religious verse of the age. They require a warm loam, and go with the choicest annual flowers. Bible parables, especially those of the Jesus , are the choicest examples of figurative speech employed to express and enforce Divine truths. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Interest rates are an important instrument of economic, 13. If you don't know which slice is the choicest one in that particular wheel of brie, allow someone else to serve you to save face. The numerical value of choicest in Chaldean Numerology is: 4, The numerical value of choicest in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1. Sentence Examples He is taken to a magnificent banquet, lubricated by the choicest alcohol, three glasses at a time. He carries a heartful of its choicest memories with him into all countries of his sojourning. Interest rates are an important instrument of economic, 10. He described the government's economic, 19. Choicest quotes from YourDictionary: There is a limit to enjoyment, though the sources of wealth be boundlessAnd the choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation.

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