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Then followed the usual pleading for and against, which ever takes place at the criminal court. Claude answered respectfully, "I wish to speak to you, sir. You consider I have had no provocation! I had a child for whom I robbed,—he taunted me about this child. ", "Why, then," cried Claude, "separate me from Albin?". Pray let him come back to me! ", "So then," replied the inspector, walking along, "you have not had enough with twenty-four hours in the blackhole. ", Claude, following him closely, replied: "Sir, return my companion to me! "Claude Gueux" is a story by Hugo written in 1834 (not 1828) and the name in French means "beggars" not "simpleton." "Because I do," replied the inspector, and with that he passed on. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1925. But an unexpected dificulty occurred; not one of these men would give evidence; neither questions nor threats availed to make them break their silence, until Claude requested them to do so. Relatos cortos | Inglés | 23/03/17. The inspector soon singled out Claude Gueux, who had been numbered and placed in the workshop, and finding him clever, treated him well. At one time the women's tears fell fast. The other was himself; and taking the scissors, his wife's, he plunged them into his breast. He gave them all up to the warder. He also wished the day's rations to be taken to his friend. Such was the inspector of the prison workshop at Clairvaux,—a man of flint placed by society over others, who hoped to strike sparks out of such material; but a spark from a like source is apt to end in a conflagration. Claude's head sank down, like the poor caged lion deprived of his dog; but the grief, though so deeply felt, in no way changed his appetite,—he was famished. A fine character, and we shall see what society made of it. One voice alone broke the silence which followed, saying, "Before killing the inspector, Claude ought to give him a chance of relenting. said he. by GF - Flammarion, Published April 4th 2015 Although his education had been neglected, and he could not even read, the man was naturally clever and intelligent, and thought deeply over matters. Over the prison workshop was an inspector, who rarely forgot that he was a jailer also to his subordinates, handing them the tools with one hand, and casting chains upon them with the other. Ferrari laughed incredulously, and Claude joined in the mirth. Pale, but with a firm tread, Claude Gueux slowly mounted the scaffold, keeping his eyes fixed on the crucifix the priest carried,—an emblem of the Savior's suffering. This man’s chief characteristic was obstinacy; and so proud was he of this very stubbornness that he compared himself to Napoleon—an optical delusion, like taking the mere flicker of a candle for a star. But have you anything to say?". This must interest society generally; for this man was well gifted, his instincts were good. Fancy, Switzerland can read, Belgium can read, Denmark can read, Greece can read, Ireland can read — and France cannot read! A market-day had been chosen for the time of execution, as there would be more people about, for there are still in France small towns that glory in having an execution. A tyrant, never using even self-reasoning; with ideas against which there was no appeal; hard rather than firm, at times he could even be jocular,—doubtless a good father, a good husband, really not vicious, but , bad. First came the priest, then the executioner. She in her fulness of heart gave him a five-franc piece. silence, I say! What nature has begun in the individual, let society carry out. During the day he worked with more than ordinary ardour, wishing to finish a straw hat, which he had been paid for in advance by a tradesman at Troyes,—M. "Then give to those people who work, and who suffer here, the hope of a different world to come, and they will go on patiently; for patience but follows in the footsteps of hope. I was hungry, a friend shared his bread with me,—he took away my friend. by Hatier, Published December 1st 1957 Winter came with its attendant miseries,—want of work, want of food, want of fuel. It is based on a real crime committed in 1830 in Troyes, and it seems to have been one of the stories that led Hugo in the direction of Les Miserables. Claude, throwing the axe aside, cried out, "Now for the other!". "A favour at your hands," timidly replied the young man. He was taken to Clairvaux,—the abbey now converted into a prison, its cells into dungeons, and the altar itself into a pillory. The inspector soon singled out Claude Gueux, who had been numbered and placed in the workshop, and, finding him clever, treated him well. This was the inspector's name. This is the question! When he had made up his mind to a thing, however absurd, he would carry out that absurd idea. ", Looking the inspector full in the face, Claude firmly added: "Now, reflect! ", "Monsieur D____," replied Claude, "on you my life depends. What then would you have me do? He then embraced them all,—some not being able to withold their tears at such a moment. Today is the 25th of October; I give you till the 4th of November.". "Thank you," said the young man; "allow me to share my rations with you every day.". All the witnesses having been examined, the counsel for the prosecution then rose to address the court. Claude joined in the conversation, saying, with a smile, "There is one thing to be said,—I have no fear of the cholera!" just as he would have spoken to a dog. The inspector laughed at this, as his own appetite was large; but what would be mirth to a duke, to a prisoner would be a great misfortune. Just then Faillette asked what he was hiding. by Editions Gallimard, Victor Hugo - Claude Gueux 1834 (Kindle Edition), Claude Gueux (et autres textes contre la peine de mort), Claude Gueux (édition enrichie) (Folio Classique t. 6248), Bibliolycée - Claude Gueux, Victor Hugo (Kindle Edition), Claude Gueux (édition enrichie) (Folio Classique). Seeing him thus, his companions afterwards owned that they hoped he had abandoned his sinister idea. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. "Whatever you may do for the people, the majority will always remain poor and unhappy. The feeling was more like that of father and son than one brother to another; everything created a bond of union between them,—the very toil they endured together, the fact of sleeping in the same quarters and taking exercise in the same courtyard. While his hair was being cut, someone mentioned how the cholera was spreading, and Troyes at any moment might become prey to this fearful scourge. ", "That is but just," said Claude, "and he shall have the benefit of the doubt.". He was one of those men who never can grasp a fresh idea, who apparently fail to be moved by any emotion; yet with hatred and rage in their hearts they look like blocks of wood, heated on the one side but frozen on the other. The man, the woman, and the child were frozen and famished. Sir, my good sir, I implore you, in the name of Heaven, to grant my prayer!". Suppress the executioner; you could defray the expenses of six hundred schoolmasters with the wages you give your eighty executioners. They were happy, for were they not all the world to each other? On the 4th of November he looked round his cell for the little that remained to remind him of his former life. Such popularity ever has as its attendant hatred; and though beloved by the prisoners, Claude was detested by the jailers. They threw into his dungeon, through the air-hole, a nail, some wire, the handle of a pail: any one of these would have been enough for a man like Claude to free himself from his chains. Claude Gueux was a poor workman, living in Paris about eight years ago, with his mistress and child. by Le Livre de Poche, Published 2007 Claude rose and addressed his companions, eighty-four in number, in the following words:—, "You all know Albin and I were like brothers. It could make no possible difference to the inspector, Monsieur D____, that we should be together; but he chose to separate us simply from a love of tormenting, for he is a bad man. What signifies, as the result was the same: to the woman and child it gave three days' bread and warmth; to the man, five years' imprisonment. What signifies, as the result was the same: to the woman and child it gave three days’ bread and firing; to the man five years’ imprisonment.He was taken to Clairvaux, the abbey now converted into a prison, its cells into dungeons, and the altar itself into a pillory. said Claude, "I had no provocation? Once Claude lost his temper, when the counsel for the prosecution stated that he had assassinated the inspector without provocation. Claude Gueux the honest workman, who turned thief from force of circumstances, had a countenance which impressed you,—a high forehead somewhat lined with care, dark hair already streaked with gray, deep-set eyes beaming with kindness, while the lower part clearly indicated firmness mingled with self-respect. Claude's wounds now assumed a more serious aspect, and he was prostrated with a fever which threatened his life. "No, it is not a case of blackhole," replied the inspector, smiling disdainfully; "we must be considerate with people of this stamp.". "What are you doing here? But a man who wounds me in every way during four years, humiliates me for four years, taunts me daily, hourly, for four years, and heaps every insult on my head,—what follows? "Take down that worn ladder that leads to crime and to suffering. At a quarter to eight, the dismal procession usual in such cases left the prison. When he had made up his mind to a thing, however absurd, he would carry out that absurd idea. Provocation such as this the law fails to acknowledge, because the blows have no marks to show. To him two men’s rations would have been scarcely sufficient. Make laws suited to the present time. November, December, January, February passed, in nursing and preparations, and Claude in turn was visited by doctor and judge,—the one to restore him to health, the other to glean the evidence needful to send him to the scaffold. At seven o'clock the prisoners were locked in their several workshops. ", "Impossible; the order cannot be revoked. And this was the teaching Jesus gave, and He knew more about it than Voltaire. You know nothing about it. To him two men's rations would have been scarcely sufficient. Why did this man steal? "Gentlemen of the jury, society would be utterly put to confusion if a public prosecution did not condemn great culprits like him, who, etc.". Society placed him in a prison where the evil was yet greater, and he ended up becoming a murderer. "Sir, resore my comrade to me. "When you pass laws, what are they but expedients and palliatives? You consider yourself acquainted with the question? by Editions Gallimard, Published August 17th 2016 This is called progress. I took his life; and you look upon me as a monster for killing this man, and you decapitate me: then do so.". Published January 1st 2002 by Στίξις, Published December 14th 2011 Theirs the work, the heavy burden to carry, to endure: all the miseries for the poor, all the pleasures for the rich. Claude then sorted the few things a poor prisoner is allowed, and gave them to the comrades he mostly cared for after Albin, keeping only the pair of scissors. This page was last edited on 10 October 2017, at 18:12. The facts are now before us, and if the government gives no thought to the matter, what are the rulers about? Welcome back. On the following night the inspector, Monsieur D____, went his rounds as usual. said Claude, roughly. Now take your time to consider it, you who argue over the buttons of the National Guards, whether they should be white or yellow, and if security is preferable to certainty! As the clock sounded the last quarter to nine, Claude rose and placed himself near the entrance, apparently calm. He rarely spoke, yet there was a certain dignity in the man which commanded respect and obedience. Nature was first to blame, no doubt; but the want of training fostered the evil. by Gallimard, Folio Classique, Mass Market Paperback, 135 pages, Published January 1st 2000

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