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german raider ships

Ironically, his crew on Mopelia Island had seized a passing merchant ship and had made it as far as Easter Island before being taken themselves and interned in South America. [25] Kormoran was also expected to replenish U-boats when ordered to do so, and carried extra torpedoes and spare parts. [62] Until 1943, the Admiralty accepted the SOS location, 18° further north, as fact, while attributing the sinking to the raider Atlantis. Bennett was actually pinned to the deck by shrapnel, but managed to free himself and roll into the water. They also mounted torpedo tubes on the raiders. Romeo class submarines (Project 633 – 1957), Belgian, Dutch ports call for bids for joint shore power system, Finnish Navy’s next-gen corvettes to get MAN engines, Local woman on front lines of US Navy Coronavirus fight, Japan launches first Taigei-class diesel-electric attack submarine. In the early 20th century Germany controlled a small overseas empire and found itself in growing competition with other European powers, chief among them the United Kingdom. In the mistaken belief that no help was nearby, the Germans proceeded with their plan. Von Muller took a chance and they moved in, signaling the ship to stop and not use its radio. [62][63], Kormoran was due to rendezvous with the tanker Rudolf Albrecht on 4 April, and had no opportunity to search for new targets. Requisitioned, armed, equipped and put into service in September 1939. [76] Two days later, Kormoran met Atlantis and the blockade runner Dresden. [56][57] On the morning of 22 March, the raider encountered a tanker, which identified herself as the British vessel Agnita. This successful raid further increased Emden reputation, especially after the Germans rescued 36 survivors. However the results of their campaign was relatively disappointing. Early on also, the German admiralty did not trusted these ships to wage war and used them as disguised minelayers, with success.

Despite their reputation as fearsome hunters, merchant raiders faced almost insurmountable perils in their missions. [188], Mearns plan was to determine a 'search box' for Kormoran by plotting the possible starting points of the two rafts from the raider through a reverse drift analysis. This marked the cargo as legitimate contraband. [95] On 25 August, the lookout spotted a strange object on the horizon; this was worked out to be the peak of Boea Boea Mountain on Enggano Island, and the first sighting of land in 258 days. There was no surrender and no thought of abandoning ship as long as her guns would fire.

[4][7] Detmers named the ship Kormoran, inspired by SMS Cormoran (a Russian merchant ship captured by the Germans during World War I and operated as a raider) and the cormorant (with Detmers comparing the seabird's use in fishing to his ship's attempts in catching Allied vessels). They also proved to be a boon for German public relations, as the former prisoners spoke highly of their treatment by the ship’s swashbuckling captain. Throughout the action the larger raider strafed the decks of the Hopkins with machine gun fire. She laid her first 25 mines off Cape Town on 16 January 1917, and the rest off Colombo. She layed mines in the White Sea and attacked Allied merchant ships bound to Russia. Known by British intelligence as “Raider E”. In some ways, the Königin Luise was the first of them. [167] Despite this, Australian authorities were able to piece together the broad details of the battle, which was verified by German sailors recovered by Aquitania who had been taken to Sydney instead.

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