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Are these videos just “fan fiction” and the members aren’t really gay or is the concept of girl crushes used to allude to idols that might be gay but aren’t openly out? These men are using their position in the industry to uplift women. I really want to empathize because they clearly think itzy will popularize a concept that WekiMeki work hard to "create", but with how childish they're going about it, it's hard for me to do just that. But! Girl Crush Concept songs other than CL and Hyuna because for them it’s not even a concept Females are driving the demand for the girl crush concept. All posts. Now I have a better understanding of the concept and I really appreciate it! and cuddled,,? I’m a big fan of Mamamoo and Twice and both groups have videos on YouTube showcasing members “girl crush” moments and also moments were members are gay for one another.
You see, blackpink and (g)i-dle are girl crush but each group has different vibes and brings different sides? What the fuck is a weki meki? It is meant to be relatable as it responds to the common issues plaguing the modern woman. The 1950s had rock and roll, blues, jazz, and doo-wop.

This rookie gg is debuting with a “sexy girl crush” concept.

2NE1, 4MINUTE, CLC, BlackPink, & Much More!

From what I understand, girl crush as a concept revolves vaguely around female empowerment and appeals to their female audience. One of the greatest examples of this is the musical developments during the second half of the twentieth century in the United States. Rock music of that time period especially expressed a rebellious attitude, i.e. This scandal involves a large number (let’s be honest, one is already too many) of celebrities discussing and taking part in immoral behavior that dehumanised females into objects for playing. However, even with such collective movements, most women protest anonymously in fear of more severe harassment or repercussions. Most popular Most recent. Also, it doesn't mean anything? The scale of complaints caused her to delete the photos and Plan A Entertainment proceeded to issue a statement clarifying that the phone case was merely a gift. Why can't both be teen crush yet each bring something new? (BBC, Color Coded Lyrics [1][2], The Guardian, Korea Times, Kpop Map, K-Star Live, Naver, The People History, Quartz [1][2], Retrowaste, Tarabu, Unicef, Wikipedia. In February of 2018, Apink’s Naeun posted photos of herself at a restaurant with a phone case cover that read “Girls can do anything.” Afterwards, she was criticized for promoting feminism.

Please, respect my opinion how I will respect yours, thank you.

These genres can be viewed as the yin to the rebellious nature of the 60s, the yang. *Disclaimer: some of these are just implied and have not been confirmed by the company or artist*, going on dates with a pretty girl to art galleries and museums and libraries and theatres and monuments and bookshops and everywhere…. ❤ just throwing out a little wild idea out there, a little thought ,, something for you to think about ,, uh hh ,. hmm yes please.

These genres popularized African-American music and paved the way for many African-American musicians to receive commercial success. The 1960s saw an exploration in rock music. There's also so many cute groups yet they each have their own style? Despite the disjointed instrumental, the lyrics depict a woman’s determination to move on as opposed to feeling sorry for herself.

Discussion in 'K-POP' started by keiaiai, Jul 26, 2019. Sunmi, Hyorin, Hwasa, Gain, and IU are all note-worthy examples. However, these songs are still written from a male perspective, and even producers like Teddy and Galactika are merely starting points.

For example Twice= Bright/Cute concepts and Mamamoo= girl crush, And shipping between members is seen as fans appreciating their friendships and close relationships. Historically this concept has not done well for ggs.

Teddy is the mastermind behind the lyrics, music, and arrangement. Not ITZY or jyps fault whoki meki can’t attract people and gather a fandom Lmao. Need I say more?

The girl crush concept is a concept that comes with a responsibility towards female rights and representation, and when employed wisely will be useful in empowering women all over the world. im not saying u gotta like every song, but girl groups are always valid and deserve respect regardless of what concept they have. I honestly don’t find Blackpink to be anything special, as much I like them. 1) CL. Support girl groups who do cute concepts.
hyunjin pulls off girl crush concept really well!! Outfits inspired by “Fingertip” by GFRIEND, All items in this set can be found on my Polyvore account here, [RUMOR] Red Velvet's next comeback will be a girl crush sexy concept, hey don't forget to click the read more button, WOMEN ARE EMPOWERING NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, you can say girl crush is your fav but stop talking shit about other concepts, there's literally no need to shit on cute or sexy concepts. It doesn’t have much to due with their sexuality, as idols aren’t vocal about that, but how they present themselves and their music. Lip stick, earrings, high heals, handbags all are being rejected with a firm “No”: Forget basic things like thatBring me something else, something most suited for meForget ways to look more “beautiful”Screw how you feel, so “I” can look more like “me”. Their music deviated from the typical lyrical narratives about being shy around a crush to narratives about deep emotional connections.

The list goes on, but the overarching point of this is that music is a mirror on society and the values of its time. Itzy’s debut song, “Dalla Dalla,” is all about being different as they embrace their individuality: Just pretty but not attractive at allI’m different from the kidsI’m differentDon’t measure me by your standards aloneI love being myself, I’m nobody elseI’m different. YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk has called 2NE1 “really ugly” on multiple occasions and mentioned Black Pink is meant to be a prettier 2NE1.

Forever fangirl and lover of Pikachu flashmobs. And even if the concept is the same ITZY already outsold and surpassed them. Concept: I’ll stop developing crushes on people who are unavailable. But I don't think 2NE1 and Itzy are similar. When you have a crush on someone and all of a sudden your insides are a tangled mess, everything is brighter and you seem slightly happier.

I’m a big fan of Mamamoo and Twice and both groups have videos on YouTube showcasing members “girl crush” moments and also moments were members are gay for one another. Or CLC and Blackpink.

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko dark version, Cute story with a blind girl and a girl with PTSD and their relationship with each other, Korea’s first openly gay idol’s debut song, Bighit’s first and only girl group, the song explicitly talk about kissing girls and it not mattering if they’re a girl or guy, They skipped the girl crush concept and went straight to the girlfriend concept, Besides the strong sapphic vibes, a lot of the imagery used points to the story being gay, Minhyuk and Hyungwon’s characters are strongly implied to be in a relationship along with Kihyun and I.M’s characters, One of the few Korean mvs to explicitly show some the struggles of being LGBT, The girls recreate movie scenes, some from romance movies.

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