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countername.push(prod_name); In an excellent talk given to the ASGB 2014 Summer Conference by Alan Swindell (principal of the Steiner Academy Exeter), he reminded us of what had happened to Glenn Hoddle when he expressed in an interview some thoughts on karma and reincarnation. Independent Premium. '); geo_edition = 'int';

var asset_id_re = /(\d+)\/?$/; Are you sure you want to submit this vote? I believe that God created our spirits and our bodies.

Some people have not been born like that for a reason. Hoddle was devastated when his brother Carl, who played for Barnet and Leyton Orient, died after collapsing at his home in Hertfordshire. Do you ever hark back to those days?

faith healer.’. I will then choose the life that is best for me to grow spiritually. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? It was so shocking and chilling. Hoddle spent 12 years with Tottenham, where he was considered one of England’s most technically gifted players. Their father, Derek, died in 2002, aged 68, shortly after collapsing from a stroke. long hair.

if (u.match(prod[name])) { they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium. } We are no longer accepting comments on this article. I could have had lots of caps with no medals. Stunned pundits looked on in horror as a BT Sport show- runner, who had first aid training, started chest compressions before an ambulance crew arrived.

It goes without saying all of our thoughts, and I know all the best wishes of football fans around the world, are with Glenn and his family.’, Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker, a former England team-mate of Hoddle, tweeted: ‘Hugely worrying news that Glenn Hoddle collapsed at the BT studios earlier. I find they are usually straightforward and the meanings very clear. Strictly Come Dancing 2020 pairings REVEALED: Nicola Adams and Katya Jones CONFIRMED as show's first-ever... 'Everybody's Free... are we heck!' This is not true. Initially spooked by an offer of psychic help for his torn muscle, Glenn makes his excuses and leaves. 'active' : ''"> 'For a split-second people thought it was some kind of joke then witnesses froze in panic as reality gripped and we feared he had gone. My husband has found it very difficult to read the constant lies written about me in the newspaper. That is the most important thing. Mrs Drewery, however, opts for remote access healing ( "distance" healing to those in the know) and the adolescent Glenn's injuries sort themselves out in no time. Eileen about to take her clothes off?

continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. } You have to come back to learn and face some of the things you have done, good and bad. off the bench for his last game, too, which was the final-ever match at the I got the experience of playing against Scotland, Argentina and Brazil. in March 1999. The Football Association sacked Hoddle just three days later and this was welcomed by representatives of disabled groups, despite the work Hoddle had been doing on behalf of organisations helping disabled people. u = u.replace(/\/(hi|mobile)\//, '/');

Glenn Hoddle with the faith healer Eileen Drewery. I am very supportive of this. Hoddle, one of the finest players of his generation, had appeared on BT Sport where he was filmed smiling while playing football tennis with other former professionals shortly before his collapse.

It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss Almost instantly she snatched her hand away - I thought I had hurt her, because her hand was so swollen. Yes, they have. You never lose it. } As if Hoddle's World Cup tactics hadn't courted enough hostility, he cocks himself another snook in August with the publication of his diary of the tournament.

u = u.replace(/[#][^#]+$/, '' ); It gave me a great opportunity to heal people who would never have thought of going to a healer, but because they met me in the pub they trusted me. ‘Glenn’s family are with him and would like to thank everyone that has sent their support.’. It is called Lady Diana - A Missionary for Charity. Please to your comment. He gave me my first He played ten times for his country before finally being consigned to the Her counselling skills are probably appreciated.

However, I think that Glenn Hoddle was articulating something, however clumsily, that many people know instinctively and have a great need to express. function sitestat(n){var j=document,f=j.location,b="";if(j.cookie.indexOf("st_ux=")!=-1){var k=j.cookie.split(";");var e="st_ux",h=document.domain,a="/"; The programme will show there is scientific proof that healing works, and that healers are already working alongside GPs in the NHS. He returned to England in 1991, becoming player-manager first at Swindon and then Chelsea.

There are, her publishers Headline said yesterday, no plans to … For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. said, ‘I don’t know, I think it’s something I said . Some people have not been born like that for a reason. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Has your husband Phil suffered from all the publicity you have received? On 30th January 1999, with England preparing for Euro 2000, Hoddle gave an interview to Matt Dickinson of The Times newspaper, in which he attempted to defend himself and his beliefs. Palace ace Wilfried Zaha tells FA Cup final rivals and former club Man United. In such a climate of opinion, those of us who think that anthroposophy has something to offer could be forgiven for keeping our heads below the parapet.

At the same ASGB conference at which Alan Swindell spoke, I was leading a workshop on the theme: “Anthroposophy – Never An Ideology”, during the course of which I quoted from something Tarjei Straume had posted on his website: “Anthroposophy…is not really comparable to religious doctrines but more to scientific doctrines, say like the doctrine of heliocentrism that was introduced by Copernicus and Galileo in the 16th and 17th centuries – a theory that was officially prohibited by the Church in 1616 but is now so absorbed and widespread that anything that contradicts it is heresy.

her husband she thought it was funny. Later on, Eileen told During one of your one-to-one sessions with the England players, before the World Cup, it is said that in reply to you asking, `What can I do for you? u = u.replace(/\/(uk|i)fs\//, '/'); if (!tsi.match(/\d\d\d\d\d\d/)) {tsi = 0;} It was disappointing to end up with only ten England caps, but maybe it was new Image().src=n:j.write('

<\/p>')}; He explains the "wonderful feeling of peace" he has found to Eileen - and she finally comes clean about her healing powers, saying: "When I heal I link in with God, so I feel the peace of God.". Do you think that faith healing should be recognised as a proper medical practice? It is true that my husband and I ran a number of pubs and we enjoyed it very much. In such a climate of opinion, those of us who think that anthroposophy has something to offer could be forgiven for keeping our heads below the parapet.

Unfortunately, anyone who tries to help people in this world seems to be persecuted. Since then he has witnessed many more of God's miracles, so he has seen first-hand evidence that healing works and supports me fully. Hoddle, like all England managers, had his critics. So it is important never to judge and never to guess what other people's karma might be.

senior cap in a European qualifier at Wembley, against Poland. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. the message that came from Arsène. The issue of Drewery being pushed into the limelight by the England coach takes on a new aspect. "He has offered so much to invalids I can't tell you.

if (asset_id) {countername.push(asset_id);} Yes. As far as healing is concerned, I have never treated anyone for a hangover, so I can only suggest you drink less! It was a wonderful experience. with Glenn Hoddle’s faith healer. u = u.replace(/\. bathroom, and I’m thinking: what next?

countername.push('page'); He did not say that and no other player has ever said that. u = u.replace(/\/sport[12]\//, '/sport/');

The pain went, and the swelling.

room up when he didn’t make the squad. The healing, she tells Hoddle, does not come from her, rather it is the "channelled energy of God" doing the trick. Healing has its place alongside conventional medicine, and I always work hand in hand with doctors. So we are all disabled in some way when we are born, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

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