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greatest relief pitchers of all time

Use of this website (including any and all parts and components) constitutes your acceptance of these TERMS OF USE and UPDATED PRIVACY POLICY. in 117 innings pitched. 11)  Pitchers who usually get overlooked in this discussion:  Joe Nathan, Doug Jones, Clay Carroll, Francisco Cordero, John Hiller, Jeff Montgomery, Gregg Olson, Mike Henneman, Gary Lavelle, Don McMahon, Bob Wickman, Todd Jones, Frank Linzy, Greg Minton, Al McBean, Danny Graves. During that season, he had a 6 - 3 record, 28 saves, a 1.04 E.R.A. Dibble, former owner of a 100-mph fastball, once fought his manager, Piniella, and saved 89 games in an injured-shortened seven-year career. 72 of those players make the list. in six playoff series. He signed with the Reds in the 11th round as a shortstop, but was quickly converted to a relief pitcher.

A flesh and blood "Iron Mike," he astounded baseball by appearing in 106 games for the 1974 Dodgers, including 13 games in a row. The next best is Pedro Martinez at 154. Pitchers who maybe get overrated in this discussion:  K-Rod, Sutter, Tekulve, Roy Face, Eric Gagne, Mark Davis, Bryan Harvey, Jim Konstanty (101), Al Hrabosky (103), Joe Page (108), Rob Dibble (148). ; it went through about 15 iterations before I was ready to go with it.

If Sutter didn’t invent the dive-balling split-fingered fastball, he perfected it; it has become the dominant pitch in the game today. and 1502 strikeouts in 1809.3 innings pitched. and 67 strikeouts in 73 innings pitched. Unique perspectives on the daily sports topics that matter most. His 601 saves were the most all time until No. 2)  There are five "rules" for awarding points, four of which are derived in one manner or another from Season Scores; it’s really a system of looking at the Season Scores this way, and then looking at them that way, and then a third way, and then a fourth way. In his 17 year career, he had a 114 - 118 record, a 2.90 E.R.A., 341 saves and 1299 strikeouts in 1701.3 innings pitched. 86 players have 300+ IP in the 9th inning from 1913-2017. He also led the league in saves twice. During the season, he had a 7 - 1 record, 51 saves, a 1.91 E.R.A. In his 18 year career, he had a 71 - 92 record, a 3.03 E.R.A., 478 saves and 1251 strikeouts in 1289.3 innings pitched.
and 2401 strikeouts in 3285.7 innings pitched. and 105 strikeouts in 86 innings. Nen was a dominant closer throughout the '90s and into the early 2000's. Finally, he was great in the postseason as he had 15 saves and a 3.00 E.R.A., helping lead the A's to a championship in 1989. During that season, he had a 6 - 2 record, 33 saves, a 2.27 E.R.A.

6)  There are no actual ties; there are un-displayed decimals which would make it all but impossible to have a tie.

His entry song, “Hell’s Bells” aroused fans and he saved 40 or more games nine times, 53 in one year, and he pitched mostly with mediocre Padres teams. As part of a series we will cover here at Call to the Pen on MLB history, today we will look at the best relief pitchers of all time. His 478 saves are third most in history, well ahead of Goose Gossage, Dennis Eckersley, Bruce Sutter and Rollie Fingers, who are in the Hall. So far in his thirteen year career, he has a 35 - 42 record, 352 saves, a 3.12 E.R.A. Do you agree with this list or was your favorite pitcher snubbed? — Hal McCoy.

Finally, he won the NL Rolaids Relief Award in 1999.

Whether you want to heap praise or sound off, make your opinion known. Owner of a PhD in kinesiology, he developed a pitching motion designed to eliminate arm injuries. He was selected to the All Star team six times and he led the NL in saves five times in a six year stretch. His 25 or more saves 16 times is a record and he also owns 42 postseason saves with a 0.70 ERA — and in his early 40s he remains unhittable. His best season came in 2002 when he had a 4 - 1 record, 40 saves, a 1.92 E.R.A. Hammer’s song "U Can’t Touch This." Charlton, a feisty competitor with a three-major degree from Rice, saved 97.

The 100 Greatest Relievers of all time, presented with no commentary: 1)  It’s a purely numbers-based ranking, with no subjective adjustments after the fact (although, of course, subjective judgment is always used, by all analysts, in determining what goes into the numbers. He won the Cy Young in 1974 and won the Fireman of the Year Award for three different teams (Expos, Dodgers and Twins), featuring a screwball that is normally a pitch extremely hard on a pitching arm. Sutter was a fantastic closer during the '70s and '80s. However, he hasn't been a good postseason pitcher as he only has a 2 -4 record with an average 3.46 E.R.A.

In that season, he had a 6 - 3 record, 47 saves, a 2.34 E.R.A. But baseball evolved and roles were established and relief pitchers were categorized as long relief, middle relief, set-up and closer and every team has at least one of each. His best season came in 1998 when he had a 7 - 7 record, 40 saves, a 1.52 E.R.A. Visit FOX Sports Ohio for more Best of All-Time lists and discussion. His best season came in 1992 when he won the AL Cy Young Award and the AL MVP award. In his long 24 year career, he had a 197 - 171 record, 390 saves, a 3.50 E.R.A. Until then he was third or fourth. and 1055 strikeouts in 988 innings pitched. The Ultimate Closer, the “Turn on the showers, the game is over” when he walks to the mound. However, he never won a championship as his teams only appeared in the playoffs twice.

What do you think: Is Mariano Rivera the best relief pitcher in baseball history? Finally, he was the close of the 1997 Marlins team that won the World Series. He led the league in saves four times and his best season came in 1991. and 61 strikeouts in 78 innings pitched. Myers was an eccentric who kept military gear in his locker, including a hand grenade, saved 347 games in his career. The 6-foot-6, 265-pound intimidator may be the best pitcher eligible for the Hall of Fame who hasn’t been voted in. His handlebar mustache qualifies him for any Top 10 list. So far in his 16 year career, he has a 56 - 66 record, 554 saves, a 2.78 E.R.A. In that season, he had a 6 - 6 record, 37 saves, a 2.22 E.R.A. He won the AL MVP and Cy Young for the Brewers and was the second relief pitcher to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame with 341 saves. The 1990 triumvirate of Rob Dibble, Norm Charlton and Randy Myers were interchangeable parts for manager Lou Piniella’s 1990 World Series champion Reds.

and 774 strikeouts. 9)  Number of pitchers on this list active by decade:  1920s, 1; 1930s, 2; 1940s, 2; 1950s, 9; 1960s, 23; 1970s, 32; 1980s, 43; 1990s, 46; 2000s, 39; this decade, 24. He led in career saves from 1993 until 2006, when Hoffman passed him.

Hoffman is currently the all time leader in saves.

In his 22 year career, he had a 124 - 107 record, 310 saves, a 3.01 E.R.A. He has been selected to the All Star team four times and he ranks eighth all time in saves. He has been selected to the All Star team six times and led the NL in saves twice in the 1998 and 2006 seasons. His best season came in 1981 when not only did he win the NL Cy Young Award, but also the NL MVP Award. During that season, he helped the Angels win the World Series as he was fantastic in the playoffs, saving seven of the nine games the team won during the playoff run. Amazingly he was a natural right-hander, but twice broke his arm in his youth and taught himself to throw left-handed by slinging thousands of pitches against a barn.
Eckersley was a solid starting pitcher, but a dominanted in relief. He won the Rolaids Relief Award three times in the early 90's. Without the Cy Young/MVP points, Rollie Fingers would rank fifth, behind Hoffman, Gossage and Wagner. while helping lead his teams to three championships. He was selected to the All Star team three times and led the NL in saves in 2001 with 45. and 934 strikeouts in 1023.7 innings pitched. So far in his 14 year career, he has a 39 - 37 record, 385 saves, a 2.40 E.R.A. However, his career was cut short by several injuries. Piniella used all three at set-up and closer and after wins the clubhouse resounded with M.C.

Eckersley was a starter for the Indians, Red Sox and Cubs before he was traded to Oakland and Tony La Russa put him in the bullpen.

His best season came in 2003 with the Astros as he had a 1 - 4 record, 44 saves, a 1.78 E.R.A.

Mo sat out most of 2012 with an injury and is back for his final season in 2013.

And the closer has become a major piece of a team’s arsenal and in some cases the most important piece. His best season came in 1998 when he had a 4 - 2 record, a 1.48 E.R.A., 53 saves and 86 strikeouts in 73 innings pitched. and 1066 strikeouts in 818 innings pitched. All rights reserved 1 on this list passed him in the 2011 season. 27th Clay Carroll, 30th John Hiller, 39th Eric Gagne, 44th Dick Radatz and 48th Mark Melancon are the highest rated relievers without 300+ IP in the 9th. The greatest relief pitchers of all time include some of the best current MLB players, as well as some legends who are already in the baseball hall of fame. 3)  The only points that aren’t awarded in that way are bonuses for winning the Cy Young Award and the MVP. People talk about Billy Wagner as a Hall of Fame candidate and K-Rod and Lee Smith and Franco and Quisenberry; Sutter and Wilhelm are actually in the Hall of Fame. He pitched 21 years, mostly for the Reds and Mets and saved 424 games while appearing in 1,119 games, a National League record for a pitcher. Finally, he helped lead the Cardinals to a championship in 1982 as he saved three games and won two other games in their six wins in the playoffs.

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