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guys sneak onto epstein island

Anything particularly noteworthy? Brynley Louise is an avid watcher of movies & television, everything from action thrillers to the occasional sappy rom com. Why did Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election? But we planned it a few months ahead, spoke to locals and we knew what we were dealing with”. On Friday, a Clinton spokesperson told Newsweek that the former president has "never been to Little St. James Island." You’re able to see the multiple large buildings scattered on the island, the roads, and exactly how the island was relandscaped. The two said they eventually fled when one of them spotted people driving around the island in golf carts. Is it patrolled by security? 88.9k members in the Epstein community. There’s new evidence, ‘Inkigayo’: Inside the Korean music show hosted by K-pop legends, How hackers in ‘Among Us’ are the true imposters without even playing, V from BTS: How his smile created new ARMY stans at the BBMAS. Andy Bracco managing to sneak onto the island not once, but twice within the span of a week may leave you thinking the island is now uninhabited, but that is certainly not the case. Why did Jeffrey Epstein's private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election?

They confirmed earlier reports that the exterior of the building is comprised of flat walls but painted in such a way to give the appearance of dimension. Here’s what we learned about Little St. James. One quick clip shows Bracco and his friend entering a small mostly empty shed-like building (the door was left open), as they stand beside an electrical control panel you can hear the loud buzzing of electricity. All rights reserved.

Everything we know, The craziest information about Jeffrey Epstein and his private island, Sodom and Gomorrah: Inside Jeffrey Epstein's private island. I'm sure this has been posted here before but i'm going to do it again. The videos show Epstein’s sprawling property in full and ongoing activity from people on the island. Jeffrey Epstein - now known to have been a prolific pedophile and an important cog in an int. Here's what it was like. These Guys Snuck Onto It! By Luke Oct 30, 2019 These two guys decided to sneak into Jeffrey Epsteins private island and shoot video of this never before seen place! Insider’s J.K. Trotter, who spoke to a piano tuner who actually entered the temple, reported last month that the building was most likely used as a music room for Epstein to play piano, read books, or work. They conceded their actions likely broke the law, but that they tried to "make sure we weren't doing too many illegal things all at once.". Berwick and Rudkowski said their excursion ultimately lasted 30 minutes, in which they ran through certain parts of the island and captured footage of Epstein’s bizarre decorations, dumpsters, office buildings, and the notorious temple. ", Berwick said the door, and its surrounding wall, was painted as if to give the illusion of dimension. Most notably, the men arrived at Epstein's temple, the purpose for which remains unclear, but has sparked a number of conspiracy theories. Epstein’s island has been known for its secretive and exclusive nature, even turning away law enforcement officials when they came to check on the island while Epstein was still alive. It reminded me of an episode of ghost hunters.

sex trafficking scheme - was sentenced to 18 months prison in '08 for procuring a minor for prostitution and felony solicitation, despite police investigations finding over 30 credible victims. The video shows that the temple’s walls and doors are flat, but painted in a way that gives them an illusion of dimension. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Recently a man named Andy Bracco, who appears to be an urban explorer, as well as one of those people who climb really high objects & buildings “for the ‘gram’”, decided to try and see if he could get onto Little St. James. Shiftyplus1 New Orleans Saints Fan Drew Brees is My Co-Pilot Member since Oct 2005 10833 posts. 2 months ago. They also got footage of a number of parked tractors and an ambulance, though it's unclear what they were being used for. Why was India Oxenberg afraid of NXIVM leader Allison Mack? Back to top. The video was posted to YouTube this week by the organisation We Are Change, which bills itself as a nonpartisan, independent media outlet “working to expose corruption worldwide,” though Berwick noted that he was not a journalist.

“I want to be extremely clear to my audience to not repeat what you see me do. While yes, he did in fact, manage to sneak onto the island not once, but twice, he had very little footage to show for it. Vets are using stem cells to treat injured cats. Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudkowski, of Dollar Vigilante and We Are Change, posted the video to YouTube and said they were on the island for about 30 minutes before they spotted people in golf carts. It also has copyrighted music dubbed over large portions of the video, so it’s entirely possible this video could get copyright claimed by YouTube’s algorithm at any given time. 55 3 guys sneak onto epstein island A view from the ground on epstein island. However, the notorious private island officially named Little St. James, and unofficially called many things including Little St. Jeff, Pedo Island, and Orgy Island, seems to be in some kind of limbo.


The nearly six and a half minute video showcases his island footage intercut with old clips of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for the added drama, as well as some footage of himself and a friend traveling to the island.

Ronan Farrow and Lara Logan were both fired for doing real journalism. Epstein was arrested again in '19 and died in prison 2 months later. Most notably, the men arrived at Epstein’s temple, the purpose for which remains unclear, but has sparked a number of conspiracy theories. Seems they should be investigated for letting Epstein’s “suicide” happen and, get covered up. Reply. Do you guys thing this could be related to Epstein and Maxewell Dollar Vigilante author Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudkowski, of the organisation We Are Change, shot the video on Little St. James, telling viewers they had unsuccessfully pleaded with multiple boat captains to take them there, eventually convincing one to drop them off for “five seconds.”. Epstein died by suicide in August, not long after being arrested and charged with sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy. VIDEO: Two guys snuck onto Epstein’s Island, re: VIDEO: Two guys snuck onto Epstein’s Island, Image:, Kickoff Time Change: LSU vs. South Carolina, Highlights: Arch Manning Made His National TV Debut Thursday Night, College Basketball Insider Jon Rothstein: 5 Dark Horse Candidates For The 2021 Final Four, Watch: LSU Releases Highlights Of All The Tigers Dominating In The NFL - Week 5, Video: "We've Got The Talent To Attack In Every Aspect" Terrace Marshall On LSU's Offense, Jerry Jones 'Very Open' To Hosting McGregor-Poirier At AT&T Stadium. As he leans into the window with the camera it looks as if the building has been cleared out, the shadowing makes it hard to see, but looking closely you can make out a concrete floor and a trash can on the other side of the glass. instead of showing interesting stuff they mostly pointed the cameras at themselves and repeated some story about them running 600 times. The video description says. The locals knew what was going on for years they saw the children being shipped to the island with epstein and clinton It was pretty cool. Bracco and his friend even managed to get right up next to the mysterious temple-like building which has captured the curiosity of many. The Virgin Islands (where the Epstein island is) aren't particularly near Florida.

Bracco’s video description also says he may be releasing more video footage in the coming weeks.

Two independent filmmakers snuck onto Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous private island in the US Virgin Islands and caught a rushed glimpse of some of the most mysterious and intriguing parts of the property. From Zero to Hero: Write Your Short in 30 days, Was Marilyn Monroe’s death actually a murder? Real Talk for the Palm Beaches', Real Radio 92.1 - Real Talk for the Palm Beaches', Advertise on Real Radio 92.1, Get Results. The video forces viewers to sit through all of it since the new footage is mixed in with other clips that viewers are likely not as interested in seeing, it’s a clever way to make people watch the video longer, but definitely annoyed many of the people who left comments on the YouTube video. horrible. Trump Jr. calls out Hillary Clinton for ‘staying silent’ after bombshell Epstein docs show Bill visited “Pedo Island” Mollie Mansfield 3 Aug 2020, 14:53

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