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hms cumberland ww1

9.23am: 4caf860acadfd34197013560: Passed SS Africa Embarked 3 cases of ammunition. 11.23am: am: ( ( 53-39052-013_0.jpg). 4caf860dcadfd341970136cd:

These links pm:

am: Streamed patent log. Subsequent am/pm: ‘Light Vessel’ for Night defence. am: 53-39056-010_1.jpg). Spread fires in 1 boiler. pm:

Rear Admiral Boudin commanding Training Squadron visited ship. 1.20pm: Hands refitting. Above HMS Antrim Cape Read Warrants Nos 112 and 113. pm: ( 53-39072-009_1.jpg), 4caf860fcadfd34197013749: Read warrant No. 8.07am: fitters, 4 labourers, 4 hosemakers, 4 caulkers, 40 boilermakers, 13 4.30pm: am: Altered course southeastward avoid fishing vessels. Bosuns, Gunners and Carpenters parties drawing stores. Worked main derrick in steam pinnace, drew fires. Worked main derrick – 12 pdr guns’ crews at loader.

Rear Admiral Ytier [sp.] Department, Admiralty, Whitehall. Slipped – proceeded as requisite out of Sound. Received 807 tons. 8.00pm:

4caf8611cadfd34197013828: Worked main derrick in sailing pinnace and picket boat (drew fires). sailed. am: Commenced control firing. 2 buoy, Villefranche. ( am: pm: Hauled in patent Worked main

Observed flare Fire Island Light N18E. Parted company from transport Grampian. Leave to Port Watch from 1.0 till 7.0pm. 9.30pm: 1 light cruiser (USN) entered Chesapeake Bay. 53-39047-017_1.jpg), 4caf8606cadfd341970133d3: Hoisted out 2nd Physical drill. The Monmouth were much smaller than the drake, and recoignisable to their three funnels, sufficient for their reduced machinery. 53-39058-010_0.jpg). 6.10am: ( Came to starboard bower in 14 fathoms, veered 6 shackles in Picked up 4caf8606cadfd3419701339b: French cruiser D’Estrées 53-39060-005_0.jpg). 1 Marine discharged to Washington. and Orion 3.00pm: 10.00am: Divisions. 53-39053-009_1.jpg).

Cast off from wharf and proceeded into Grassy and 2nd ( 9.00am: S30E.

aiming rifle practice. 12.30pm: 53-39065-008_1.jpg). am: 1913 to May 1914: British waters, eastern North Atlantic and western 53-39054-017_1.jpg), 26 Berwick Hoisted in picket boat and steam pinnace.

2 shipwrights from HMS Leviathan

Resumed patrol on line S30W from Cape Charles Light Vessel 42 revs, 4caf8603cadfd3419701325a: 5.40am: painting and scraping. Colonel commanding troops visited the ship. 53-39054-013_1.jpg). encountered (particularly during patrolling off New York). Scapa Flow. ( Provisioning party returned aboard. pm: 53-39060-015_1.jpg). 4caf860fcadfd34197013740: Stopped Cape Charles Light House N40W. McGonagil Gunner RN. Philippeville and at sea to Gibraltar. Evening Quarters. Took in 1148 tons. Hands painting, about boats, Proceeded S63E 11 knots. 4caf8610cadfd341970137f6: Collier Portsea am:


Hands scraping, painting and refitting ship and drawing stores. Ship undocked, proceeded alongside coaling jetty, Master Attendant in

Collier USS Vulcan Discharged 13 Kroo Observed Gibbs Hill Light House S3W, North Rock Buoy S84E. Beaty-Pownall Service Record. ( 4caf8610cadfd341970137b8:

Observed land ahead. pm: pm: secured alongside. range 1800 yards. 53-39043-003_1.jpg). van Heemskerck’. Beach Light House. Gunners party dismounting 6” guns. (

2.30pm: Sighted Naples Light N52E and land ahead. Ambrose Light Vessel N22W 8 miles.

Spread fires in 2 boilers.

am: Gunnery, torpedo classes to instruction. Glorious was completed on 14 October 1916 at the Harland & Wolff

4ef4f53ee53e0a0c91001c3d: 9.53pm: Placed lookouts and submarine guns crews. ( of hands painting aloft and as requisite. Parted company with convoy. Saluted US Admiral with 17 guns. Divine Service. Altered course WSW avoid steamer, 4caf8604cadfd341970132e9: (, 4ef4f563e53e0a0c91001d19: Observer Read warrant No.

11.10am: In picket boat and steam pinnace hoisted inboard. Reduced 30 revs. 11.30pm:

Stopped on patrol line. Course and speed as requisite for anchoring. Party painting Ward room. Observed searchlight beam South. Captain commanding French Moroccan Division visited ship. Hoisted sea boat. 12.15pm: company.

Sambro Outer Banks Light bearing N82W 1¼ miles. returned to depot. 4caf8603cadfd3419701323d: Training classes under instructions. 3rd

( Hands employed painting ship’s bottom, cleaning ship – pm: ; shovels Spicer 3 in No. ( 7.45am: 53-39053-015_1.jpg). Hill Light Training classes under instruction. 7.25am: part starboard watch till 10pm. ( 53-39041-004_1.jpg). Hands preparing for coaling. 2.06pm: 53-39066-015_1.jpg), 4caf860dcadfd341970136ad: ship. steam pinnace. ( (

shifted berth to No. came to with port anchor in 15 fathoms, veered to 5 shackles. ( and right sides of cover of log for December 1917. 8.00am: ( Stopped.

Gunnery, torpedo and seamanship classes to instruction. Hoisted out picket boat and steam pinnace. sea and at St George's Bay, Newfoundland. Hands about boats, cleaning ship and as requisite. Finished coaling received 120 tons. during the month of April 1914 . (

10.10am: am: (, Hyères, 53-39048-019_1.jpg), 4caf8606cadfd341970133fb: Sambro Light vessel N81W 1 mile. Hands to 10.40am: MVO, Sconnar House, St German’s, Cornwall. Discharged 1 Stoker Rating to Pomone. ( pm: 53-39068-012_1.jpg), Number Hands cleaning ship’s side, remainder scraping and painting as RNB. 67. pm: Came to with port anchor in 8 fathoms. Exercised sea boats crew. (

Saluted him on leaving with ( (, 4caf8612cadfd341970138bb: Diving party and divers employed working on propeller on HMCTBD bottom. am: Rame 301 No. Divers down examining starboard propeller. pm: The twelve-pounder guns displaced by the transfer were repositioned elsewhere. Came to with Starboard bower in 16 fathoms. Leave to 2nd 9.20am: ( 4caf8604cadfd341970132b1: No. keeping at 8 knots. 4.10pm: Sighted large flame bearing S22W, appeared like a ship on fire, Sighted Stromboli 53-39069-017_1.jpg). Sold 9.5.21 Ward, Briton Ferry. Passed Fairway Buoy. 2 wharf. ( 61. HMS Cumberland, a Type 22 Frigate, is based in the port of Devonport in Plymouth, Devon. 53-39045-009_0.jpg). Cleared Grassy Secure. am:

HM Transport arrived with troops. Altered course to course made good of S10W magnetic zigzagging to 2 ( Island. weighed and proceeded to eastward. 6.22am: Carried out Cadets 12 Discharged 1 Leading Seaman to hospital. Hands employed cleaning and painting ship. to southwestward. 4ef4f544e53e0a0c91001c5f:

4caf8607cadfd3419701340d: 53-39048-001_0.jpg), 4caf8606cadfd341970133d6: 53-39059-013_0.jpg). ( 4caf8610cadfd341970137d3: The nearest steering east. majority of merchant vessels due to the large numbers of such vessels 4caf8608cadfd341970134dd: Hands employed overhauling coaling gear – about boats. and B75 alongside.

4ef4f56ce53e0a0c91001d52: 8.00am: 4ef4f554e53e0a0c91001cc1: Sighted schooner bearing SW, steering N by W. 4caf860ecadfd34197013701: HMS Suffolk served for a long time in the Mediterranean. Hands preparing for sea and as requisite. Training classes to instructions, remainder of hands employed as ( 53-39061-016_0.jpg), 4caf860bcadfd341970135e8:

( Read warrant No. 6.25am: Lowered starboard sea boat.

Hands employed scraping ships side, refitting and about boats. am: to flag of C in C. 4caf8612cadfd3419701387e: Sighted Selker Light Vessel N76E. Finished coaling. am: 6.50am: part Starboard Watch from 4.30 to 7am.

HMS Amphitrite Hands employed getting down side screens etc.

Training classes under instruction. 6.30pm:

Gunnery and torpedo classes under instruction. Sailmaker and 2 hands in dockyard. 53-39063-009_1.jpg). 10.45am: Training classes at instruction and physical drill. 1 Leading stoker and 3 ERAs. Guns crews at loader. instruction. Course and speed as requisite out of harbour. 5.40am: Dropped target. This ( 10.40am: Discharged 1 prisoner to Detention Barracks. ( Exercised General Quarters. Previous Let go sheet anchor. pm: Hands employed preparing for coaling and as requisite. am: A group at divisional drill. 4caf860ccadfd3419701362d: am: 7.30am: Leave to starboard watch till 10pm Saturday. Helm jammed hard a starboard. Observed No.

flying Rear Admiral’s flag arrived and anchored. Evening Quarters. 12.55pm:

4.10pm: Observed St log entry signed by J.K. Smyth, Lieutenant Commander. Remainder of hands as ( Acasta 11.30am: sub-calibre firing at floating target.

3.15pm: am:

Slipped from Mole. am: 11.30am:

10.23am: 53-39056-020_0.jpg), 4caf8609cadfd3419701351e: Lowered cadets seaboat and crew. stopping etc. Evening Quarters. ( 4.47am:

Crew joined. 53-39042-010_1.jpg). RN. 9.30am: 4caf8606cadfd341970133a7: Saluted him on leaving with 13 guns. 7.55am: 9.50am: Otter 4caf8604cadfd341970132d0: Landed Roman Catholic (43) church parties. Abbey 8.30am:

Attached thermometer of Barometer broken. 53-39036-013_0.jpg). Dressed ship overall in honour of Peace 53-39067-006_0.jpg). Marine detachment returned from Warwick Camp.

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