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injury sentence

The width, however, proved inconvenient, and the broad sheet was liable to injury by tearing. can produce mechanical injury.

in-house counsel at a large cruise operator to give opinions and draft defenses for personal injury and other claims. hampered by a thigh injury in the run-up to the tournament.

re-created what may have been a trauma very similar to the circumstances of their own injury.

self-injury Sentence Examples. The eruption consists of firm inflammatory papules and nodules at the sites of injury. Lycium afrum L. (kaffir boxthorn ), Lycium ferocissimum Miers (African boxthorn) and L. horridum Thunb. Sleep-related crashes are particularly dangerous and likely to result in serious injury - because the driver won't brake before impact. Keywords; Short stay ward, head injury, post concussion syndrome. injury claims are, broadly speaking, much more generous than the time limits for making ET claims.

Mr. Dean, would you please discuss the circumstances of your injury in the line of duty?

Of those that are liable to suffer injury in winter, as the Brompton and Queen Stocks, a portion should be potted and wintered in cold frames ventilated as freely as the weather will permit. In the last case the collar must be made in two or more pieces, as otherwise the coin could not be removed without injury. Some time ago corrugated steel sheeting had to be erected round much of the church to prevent injury from falling masonry. insured's legal liabilities for death, injury or disease to third parties. All of these studies were of people who had been treated for an ankle ligament injury. compensation claim for whiplash injury call 0800 10 757 95. bowler in cricket is restricted in how many innings he or she can bowl to avoid arm injury. (obsolete) To wrong, to injure. The machine which will gin the largest quantity in the shortest time is naturally preferred, unless such injury is, occasioned as materially to diminish the market value of the cotton. Beyerinck was led to take up the decided position just mentioned by his researches into the conditions determining the formation of plant-galls as the result of injury by insects. As in .` the case of the apple disease it forms large irregular blackish blotches on the fruit and leaves, the injury being often very severe especially in a cool, damp season. He was forced to withdraw from the competition because of, 171. Haemorrhage has been classified as - (I) primary, occurring at the time of the injury; (2) reactionary, or within twenty-four hours of the accident, during the stage of reaction; (3) secondary, occurring at a later period and caused by faulty application of a ligature or septic condition of the wound.

nature without evident injury to the variety. grimacen looked down at his injury and raised his other hand to the bandage, grimacing slightly as he touched it. Examples of fatal injury in a sentence, how to use it. Having through centuries undergone cruel injury, from technical imperfections at the outset, from disastrous atmospheric conditions, from vandalism and neglect, and most of all from unskilled repair, its remains have at last (1904-1908) been treated with a mastery of scientific resource and a tenderness of conscientious skill that have revived for ourselves and for posterity a great part of its power.

Even at low speeds, having your child in an incorrectly fitted seat could increase their risk of injury. The Dutch were content with the injury they had done at Chatham, and dropped down the river. But the prevalence of the worship of " other gods " and of graven images in these " high places," and the moral debasement of life which accompanied these cults, made it clear that the " high places " were sources of grave injury to Israel's social life. Walking with weights makes the shoulders very susceptible to, 169.

midfield maestro was missing through injury. childhood cataract may be inherited or may be caused by injury or illness. Examples of minor injury in a sentence, how to use it. Compensation in respect of injury or death is not paid if the accident was brought about through the culpable negligence or other delict of the insured. The custom whereby the inhabitants of a district were responsible for any crime or injury committed by one of their number is old and widespread; it prevailed in England before the Norman Conquest, and is an outcome of the earlier principle whereby this responsibility rested on kinship. pelvis injury, Sergeant Forrest was unhurt. 151. Excessive dosage of this drug can result in, 24. Three minutes into injury time Jason Jones magnificently turned a close-range header away for a corner. ankle injury put paid to his boxing career. Wayne is unlikely to take part in the early stages of the 2006 World Cup due to an injury to his fourth metatarsal.

Cradock preferred to fight and take the chance of inflicting injury on the German squadron, which was far from any base of refitment and repair. deserved victory over leaders Norwich but had to overcome a worsening injury list. Professions, such as the law or medicine, observe a code of etiquette, which the members must observe as protecting the dignity of the profession and preventing injury to its members. Examples of injury in a sentence: 1. The spear end could apply significant injury to a knight in armor, or a knight in armor, or a knights horse. When I arrived this time he was confined to his night kraal whilst being treated for just such an injury.

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