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All the commie websites…the reallllly big ones flame everything about Trump and leave off any negatives re Biden and the…. For more information, visit the CFC site. Generally speaking, do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove or strongly disapprove of this legislation?”. California has a new vaccination law on the books.

Not so in Commiefornia.

Just 48 hours till Voter Registration Sunday! Leaders? It cracks down on inappropriate use of medical exemptions that allow kids to skip some or all vaccines and still enter school. And after you send your message, you’ll receive a confirmation along with your legislators’ phone numbers so you can leave a message by phone as well.
I will not set foot in the state of California, evil is as evil does.

Newsom had better pay attention, because for one thing, this stuff has received national attention, which I doubt he wants. The controversial bill passed the Assembly 54-10 and the Senate 28-9 late last month, and now sits on Newsom’s desk awaiting his decision. The bill would require the board, in … Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) also condemned the bill saying it incentivizes doctors to “rush” immature children to make “life-altering and irreversible” decisions about their bodies. Dr. Dobson Comes Out Swinging Against CA “Gender Mutilation and Sterilization” Bill, LA Children’s Hospital Contradicts CA Legislators – Trans-Drugs Do Sterilize Kids, CA Legislators Vote to Sterilize Kids, but Complain Opponents are “Fear-Mongering”, California Family Council’s List of Bad Bills, Critical Race Theory has Infiltrated California’s Public Schools, Governor Newsom Signs Bill to Fund Sterilizing Trans-Treatments for Minors and Adults, Governor Newsom Signs Bill Giving Sex Predators Easier Access to Young Teens, New Poll Says Californians Oppose Gender Mutilation & Sterilization Bill on Governor’s Desk, “Dispelling Myths” About Male/Female Gender, New Goal for CA Kindergarten Health Lessons, Planned Parenthood Killed 321,384 Babies Last Year Bringing Total Killed to Over 7.6 Million, Assembly votes to violate the 1st Amendment, New Law Being Used to Spread LGBT Gender Identity Ideology into CA Public Schools, Senate Demands Pastors Reject Biblical Counseling For LGBT Californians, State Officials Remove Several Books from Sex Ed Guidelines After Parent Protest, Parents Say Proposed CA Health Curriculum “Makes Us Sick”: Sacramento Rally May 8. These hurting individuals need our compassion and care—not a cocktail of drugs and disfiguring surgeries that could well cause irreversible harm to their bodies.

“Let me be very clear and get the record straight,” Santiago said. Your email address will not be published. The poll asked a random sample of 600 likely California voters the following question several weeks ago: “California lawmakers are currently debating Assembly Bill 2218, which would establish a “Transgender Wellness Fund,” a taxpayer-subsidized fund to pay for sex-change surgeries and hormones that cause sterilization for minors and adults.

“Once again, California Democrats continue to ignore the pleas of parents from across the state and have pushed for AB 2218.
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It is beyond reprehensible that our government officials voted to fund this evil assault on children and adults who are made in the image of Almighty God. Sixty-four percent of California voters do not want Gov. California is on the verge of passing a radical bill that would result in the permanent sterilization and bodily mutilation of countless individuals.

The bill would require the department, if a sterilization procedure is performed on one or more individuals under its control, to annually publish on its Internet Web site data related to the number of sterilizations performed, disaggregated by race, age, medical justification, and method of sterilization. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points.

While legislators claim that transgender drugs don’t cause sterilization, our friends at California Family Council uncovered proof positive: consent forms that repeatedly make clear that the drug treatments – not to mention surgeries – cause sterilization.

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