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jessi smiles accent

Yo I just wanna say, it’s 2:30 am where I am, I’m 1:49 seconds in, a lil drunk, eating egg rolls, and my name is Jessie. She married Nassim Ssimou in 2017; they welcomed a son named Noah in August of 2017. Archived.

(I totally have to watch them together now haha), Jessi is cuban so she has a very slight accent on her own! Does she even think about what she's taking about in these videos and how they literally aren't funny and have no point in being told? Kamri’s High School GRADUATION! She started focusing on her YouTube channel where she currently has over 680k subscribers. save hide report. Jessica Vazquez, a.k.a. Wow, her new video. i love her and genuinely think shes hilarious but im terrified that shes moving too fast. She later moved to YouTube, where she posts makeup tutorials, challenge videos, vlogs, story-time videos, and more. She even had bouts of depression, to deal with which, she had to go through therapy where she was told she needs medication. She is also a singer-songwriter whose first-ever single, "What If I," exploded on the iTunes charts. by Lydia Deetz » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:02 pm, Post Perhaps no one greater could cap off this blog, than one of the most amazing and iconic stories of how someone can go from a “zero” to a “hero” due to creativity on social media: Jerome Jarre. Feel free to skip this one! She has three step-brothers. let me explain, hasnt posted a video in almost a month then her "power goes out" give me a breakkkkkk, According to her Twitter she is posting a video explaining why she hasn't been posting. Or a "Nassim had to go back to Europe..." type of thing.

Her mother and her brother Joey have been featured in her videos.
She portrayed Joan of Arc in an episode of the web series Epic Rap Battles of History titled "Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc." Their followers are up, and they’re taking on the future the way they know best, six seconds at a time.

I'm a Sagittarius and I really hope that the whole "You either like them or you hate them" Isn't true lol, Can y’all please start a collab channel??? by heretogossip » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:27 pm, Post Smiles has launched a new channel devoted to her music, Jessi Sings. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? This is the best video of her and Nassim so far.

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I really wonder what her old friends from Vine think of what's going on with her... Jessi has really separated herself. Once ridiculed for her crazy blend of humor, she is now best known for her goofy videos on Vine and YouTube. I loved when he would say “oh boy!” Cause he knew he messed up lol I love Jessi, I hope she keeps doing videos like this. One of her brothers is autistic. Also the "non alcoholic" beer incident is also super concerning. She has over 950,000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 430,000 followers on Instagram, and had more than 3 million followers on Vine by the time the app was shut down. (More than usual too Idk what happened lolol) so with that being said .. please don’t watch this around your kids!!! They have really great chemistry and I’m so happy to see her uploading again! Her parents divorced when she was a baby. They are really great together. Jessi Smiles was born on August 17, 1993 in Miami, Florida. Think of the views, man. I've been watching Jessi for a few years now and although she was pretty much MIA from her main channel, she has now posted a few new videos on her beauty channel. As a teenager, Jessi Smiles started working as a makeup artist and learned about the Vine platform from a model. by teresateresa » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:09 am, Post He seems so sweet and all his confused faces and trying to tell hatt what to do or get had me legit dying from laughter. Hahahaha their is no way I could hate watch, I ain't giving them views, the way you described a sagittarius…YESSSSSS. I keep laughing every time I see her recent ultrasound. She recently announced that they are engaged and that she is expecting a baby. God I just love them together so much. I bet she'll make an entire video about that at some point. The only slightly humerous things in her storytimes are the weird faces she makes when she's being self-deprecating, and at this point that schtick is already getting pretty stale.

She started out as one of the first Viners who popularized the platform, and became known for her humorous skits. He looks exactly like her. He smiles through the entire battle against Goku and only frowns when the Saiyan brings up that he lost to Batman, and only then does Superman turn around to engage Goku in Air Jousting. Like old disney movie voices (Lady from lady in the tramp) idk..random examples. She has partnered with top brands including Wendy's, Boost Mobile, and American Eagle Outfitters. She appeared as herself on the TV shows ‘True Life and Good Day L.A.’ She is one of the finalists of the 9th Shorty Awards in the category of "YouTube Comedian". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. by Lornemalv0 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:58 pm, Post ! my absolute favorite YouTube duo❤️, LOVE Jessi and Kathleen together. The way people started to judge her made her so desperate that she left Vine and became a YouTuber, sharing her "insane stories" to a new fan base. however, she even admitted that she always had a difficult time staying consistent, pregnant or not. It's not even just her storytimes either, like that testing life hacks video was such an embarrassing mess I still can't believe she actually thought it was a good idea to put up. I FAKED BEING ON THE COVER OF VOGUE… AND PEOPLE BELIEVED IT! Within a few days of meeting, they started dating, broke up, and she alleged that he raped her while she was asleep. by hahahaok » Fri May 26, 2017 5:28 am, Post In the "Storytime" videos, she often shares with her fans hilarious stories about herself, sometimes embarrassing things she might have done while drunk.

In another video, she said she has new ideas and feels inspired to produce more beauty related content. Does she have some of the accent naturally or did that brush off from Nassim? by JustBad » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:09 am, Post After her mother Christina married again, she and her bother Joey started living with her step-father Joe Ferrero, a TV and radio personality. She would eventually be involved in a long chain of "dysfunctional" romantic relationships. it's whatever to me now. therefore, I curse a lot in this video! LMAO, Modest Bride Brings Her Pastor To Her Bridal Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta, Picky Bride Is Afraid That She Won't Find Her Dream Dress | Say Yes To The Dress America. Haha.

Jessi went from being a messy single lady to married with a kid real quick and it was so beautiful ☺️, I don't watch her channel, but I love creative challenges like these! Camera Fiend: Jimmy Olsen is seen with his trusty camera. Humor. And does this guy even have a job??

Jessi Smiles was born on August 17, 1993 in Miami, Florida. This thread is archived. i’ve been telling everyone that! Not because I'm an asshole to unborn babies (I think the ultrasound is really cute) but because it literally looks like fetusbb Noah is pulling one of those wacky and super unflattering faces Jessi does for her video thumbnails.
I am so happy she has been uploading regularly so far. She eventually reached as many as 3.6 million followers on Vine, but left the platform for personal reasons.

... Also yeah it makes me cringe every time she imitates Nassim's accent. 10 comments. if she doesn't upload, that's fine by me. Her husband is hilarious and adorable! Her father Rubin is a technician for AT&T. Jen is the only one that still cares about Jessi but it seems like Jessi doesn't even really care about Jen anymore. However, her relationship with Viner Curtis Lepore has been the center of controversy for a long period of time.

There was so much tea in this video I was QUAKING. 100% Upvoted. Jessi has the “Miami” accent, it’s common in the area due to the large Cuban population.

She had to be homeschooled for her senior year.

i think she's just trying to tease him and doesn't mean any harm, but it does kind of come off to me like she's mocking him a little too much and it could make him feel stupid. — Jessi Smiles (@jessismiles__) February 21, 2014 How to make make-up, hair and body care - videos, tips, reviews. Jessi, who considered herself funny despite people telling her otherwise, found the platform fitting for her type of humor. However, she could never stick to one thing for a long period of time. If I remember correctly Nassim lived in France and his family is Algerian. Quality content fr fr ❤️, totally random thought but … their accent is so pretty! Cuban-American video content creator named Jessica Vazquez who is best known for her JessiSmiles YouTube channel. One or two times, it may be cute. I swear Kathleen and I would be the greatest of friends if it ever happened! by jadelifts_ » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:24 pm, Post The rape charges were soon dropped after Lepore pleaded guilty to felony assault, and after one year, charges were reduced to a misdemeanor. According to Jessi Smiles, high school was the most confusing time of her life.

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