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kindergarten cop 2 review

Violence and language make it unsuitable for most kids. There are certainly ill-advised moments where it flat-out apes Schwarzenegger's film, but when Dolph's attempt at walking in these shoes gets to do its own thing, there are definitely bright points. Imagine Entertainment, May 5, 2020 FBI man meets cute kids in trite comedy; violence, swearing. How do a villain's personality and behavior affect the level to which he is to be feared? Whatever one might think of Schwarzenegger's inherent acting chops, he brought warmth, a twinkle, and high energy to a silly concept and made it fun. Classic '80s comedy with some salty language, racy scenes. There's even a mini subplot about one of the kids and her abusive father, although not that abusive, and naturally one of the young sexy teachers falls for Reed. He's there to recover stolen data, but first he'll have to learn to survive in the politically correct world of elementary education. Katja is placed in the witness protection program after the operation ends. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. The movie was fine but doesn't come close to being as awesome as the first one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Clarifies being angry at an action rather than at a person. There are shoot outs, fights and when we visit the bad guy’s home-we are treated to multiple shots of various women in teeny tiny bikini’s oh and a roomful of little kids. Kindergarten Cop 2 is a direct to DVD video. 1 thing worth buying - Dolph Lundgren line dancing! Anyways, this film really does play it safe, apart from new gags for the new age most of the beats, as said, are the same. In the original movie the bad guy was a legitimate threat, here the bad guys are more cartoonish and never really give off any sense of danger. How does it apply to real-life situations?

You're almost there! Women are shown poolside in bikinis in two scenes. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. It’s a good movie! Now I believe this was a light-hearted satire of this current political climate...but I could be wrong, made my eyes roll that's for damn sure. Join now. |, May 17, 2016 The first one was the best and a classic. Anyways at the end of the day all this film has done is made me realise how good the original was basically (and it wasn't [b]that[/b] good). Everyone else is pretty much a non-event and adds little, the fat black police chief is far too cartoonish for his own good, whilst the fat, white, bald, tattooed teacher is also far too odd (would they allow someone with tattoo sleeves to teach in an elementary school?). Regal The first one was the best and a classic. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Whilst this angle was completely predictable and cliched to hell, it also spoils Reed's character. This movie is not a sequel as others have suggested but rather a whole new adventure/slash remake of the original. Just this big Swedish man attempting to 'boot scoot and boogie' just tickled my funny bone.

Said flashdrive has of course been hidden in the elementary school where the now dead brother worked, hence Reed needing to go undercover in the school to locate it.

This modern version of the old-school comedy is yet another fun movie to w... Terminator meets Mother Goose; lots of violence, profanity. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. It's not a "sequel" (it has all new characters and a whole new story); only the concept remains the same: Law officer goes undercover as a teacher in a kindergarten classroom to catch a criminal. One can almost envision the Dad telling his wife, “go out and relax have a girls night out, I’ll take care of the kids in fact I have a movie we can watch”.

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