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kita gif haikyuu

!,BNHA/MHA, Marvel, and DC. charlie | 17 | check me out on ao3 | i follow back from fake-charliebrown | not spoiler-free, Anon Asked ¬Haikyuu!! » 5 ▪► Favorite minor character, #haikyuuweek2020 day 4: connect                                                                      ⤿ favorite pair/duo - hinata & kageyama.

Goddamn, it’s true. This is a known fact, but yandere Ushijima is.

His cum dumpster? Part of him is human and does realize that you’ll need time for recovery, so he keeps lotion on hand just for that occasion. Fake Texts).

A memory that can't be forgotten. Just gonna say, he totally brought you up to the team, talking about how he likes you a lot and stuff. Dear whoever is reading this: I wish you a life full of warmth and happiness and love. And if you aren’t now, you will be. He makes you count them out loud and everything because he just, He’s not cruel, though. Animated gif about cute in Haikyuu!

A. akashibby. I’ll get the ball… to you. There are times where Ushijima just passes you through the halls in his apartment and he’ll just stop you with his hands on your hips and lift up his shirt that he makes you wear. Discover (and save!) CAPTION. One of Japan's top three aces and the ace spiker for Itachiyama Academy. Fake Texts), Calling Him by His Name (Haikyuu!! Fist … This one’s a bit rambly, but I rly hope it was what you’re looking for. Umm okay, lemme just switch this back to headcanons for a sec: He doesn’t seem it, but Ushijima’s a very physical lover. It’s fun to see you guys like and comment on my posts, and I’m glad you guys are so supportive.

You’ve gotta start a family soon so the kids can tend to the farm. pov: your screen is my gallery and you're scrolling through it - this is a haikyuu meme collection ;; (all credit to the owners). © cosmisul┃19O2 : 2k17, After spending most of her childhood in America for 6 years, (Y/N) finally returns to Japan. A/N: Not much again. !❞ (258) en humor : 23O517 ¡! There’s a plate of food in one hand and chopsticks in the other, and he’ll just hold out a bite of food to you and be like “Open.”, Part of him likes the idea that this is what normal couples do, but deep down Ushijima knows he. Sakusa Kiyoomi, a renowned volleyball player.

When l/n y/n runs late to school and meets a raven haired boy who catches her interest how will it turn out? ‘Cause let’s be honest– as the love of your life, Ushijima knows what’s best for you. And nobody told me that fake texts were so damn fun to make A knee ways, enjoy!

follow me for more haikyu content. Like I said earlier, he’s very physical with you. haikyuu!! Enjoy! Really, it probably only happens like once a month, tho. My man went “Not on my watch-” EYE M WEAK, “Can I sit on you(r face)?” (Haikyuu!! if my bones are gonna crack like glow sticks every time i move i think i deserve bioluminescence. Of course, it’ll be rough and hard, but you are still the love of his life.


He doesn’t really murder people, of course. If you ever accidentally hurt yourself in the house, Ushijima won’t go bonkers like you might hope. In the first week you’re in his home, you’re free to roam wherever, but the doors and windows are. A/N: I AM ALIVEEEE✨✨yalllll it’s been a fat minute, how’ve u been??

Just… don’t test his patience too much, yeah? Gets a lil saucy at times, just a warning. Most days, Ushijima likes to feed you by hand. Most of these aren't inappropriate, but a few of these might be a little bad.

(Side note: Suna’s was just Kuroo’s reject, but I didn’t wanna exclude him from the group nobody frickin’ told me the dude only had like a minute of screen time tho?!). After ten failed escape-attempts, Ushijima almost lost his cool, so he figured keeping you in one place would keep his mind at ease.


Copy link to clipboard. With this one, it’s “making love,” honey. Discover (and save!) Share to Reddit.

A/N: Part two cuz apparently you can only put so many damn pics in one post Enjoy! In the mornings, he’s not afraid to get naked in front of you, changing without a care in the world while you curse yourself for actually being attracted to such a horrible person. Good luck returning to school or work or whatever you may do to pass the time, and I hope you are all staying safe! A/N: Goddamnit, I know this could be better, but I’m glad you’ve liked the others so far! haikyuu week day two: one ball, heart and soul -> favorite role (Side note: Farmer Ushijima is canon, dang nabbit ), USHIWAKA IS BABEY TOO ISTG I LOVE THEM ALL, KUYA KITA MAHAL PO KITA EEYYY Slowly, he’ll run his fingers over the large, hand-shaped splotches of purple, red, and blue, allowing a small smile to grow on his face. BTS, Haikyuu! A/N: it’s the most annoying thing when I can’t get like two more texts in the picture anyways, y’all lucked out cuz I figured the 6 I made wasn’t enough for 2 posts, so here’s drunk Terushima.

Nov 18, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by jolo123. Whatever, they're funny either way. Share to Pinterest. Ushijima doesn’t ask for much in return when he shows you his love. It has been a long time since she visited Japan, and she wonders if her childhood friend, Sakusa Kiyoomi, remembers her. Our best! With sex, it’s either for stress relief or wanting to feel you. He googled it online and found that “feeding each other food is a sign of love and trust.”, After that, he’ll track you down in the house and straddle you right in the middle of your chest so you can’t move. Kageyama what are you doing. Thanks for 2.1k guys, and enjoy! Yeah, so uh… you can’t sit for a few days after that, and holy hot damn does that shit leave marks.

So I suck ay writing but I love akaashi so like yeA I don't own and haikyuu characters. Gambar Gif Anime Volleyball - Sesungguhnya pada ulasan yang lainnya kami sudah beberapa kali melampirkan koleksi kami berupa photo anime gif , menarik dan sangat unik buiat dikoleksi. Share to Tumblr.

I hope you’re okay.

I really don’t think he’s not the type that’ll “fuck you into submission.” That’s for more horny yanderes. That’s what I like... :). ⋆₊ ☪ . ⋆₊ ☪ . ' ⋆₊ ☪ ⋆₊ ☪ …, I could not- even when i read this in the manga ver i was loling but in the anime with voices and everything i was lMaO- he really did that , I love this anime~ so yeah!

That’s too much time spent away from you and volleyball.

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