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love foolosophy meaning

But when I sit down and think about it, just like you might, it feels like I actually achieve less in these memorable moments than during the rest of the time that I cannot even recall spending! This post is coming to you super quick and it’s quite brief. My art :D. From all arts I rather literature. Courage is not what drives many a man and love certainly is not able to fill every person in the same ways. It’s like a peaceful feeling of being liberated coming over you…, I think mellow’s the mood on this playlist. I have met many good people this year, the ones I knew to exist before this year, in the past, have really enriched my and their own selves through making various efforts to get to know one another better, and in between to get to know me a little better too. Traditionally, on one side, they are bland and unattractive; on the other, they reveal to us that which our own eyes cannot see without a simple reflection.

Ah dear, if you don’t have a bit of humility in your character, then you will not make it through the challenging days. Probably the reason this playlist is also on time (in time).

Prince kept doves at his Paisley Park mansion. An oversized beast such as myself may have to do things and find them out on its own, which is the only way to do many things.

I did enough of that in 2009, this is another year, and having met  the person that  got me thinking that I should update my writings, and getting to know at least his good self, I am all the more better off in my search for more than just a little more love in this world. If life was about to grab you by the groin and make sure you remembered just how good things were, regardless of how bad or neutral you are feeling at the time, then a smile can be no bad thing. But ten years ago he hated computers, just liked them for gaming, five years ago he was in a terrible place my friend, he had lost his father and didn’t know how to continue. The song was written by Jason Kay and Toby Smith. World Cup 2010 anthem, Shakira ft. Freshlyground – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). It is never easy to move yourself up and out of a plateau but sometimes it is easy to keep yourself going. I doubt many would, if any, so I find myself in search of words to bring a little peace to my good friend. 2010. Recently I see  more than just myself enduring personal challenges and pains with no real end to the challenges faced. And the most rewarding thing about talking to somebody you couldn’t help in the past when you thought you might be able to – largely because you didn’t know there was any way to help – due to your own naivety, is to see them tell you they are a changed young man.

The problem for me is that what they like isn’t what they need or deserve from how they spoke well to me and others before reaching this conclusion. And that’s the first girl of any boy I’ve ever known, whose acted like a woman and not a girl. Later, after lusting, one might return a sentiment or two that hints at loving, I’ve seen it many times, even tried it once or twice. 2 jun. Life is so short, we need to really lift ourselves in many ways, and support is one thing, but we need a little thrust too. After the brief but insightful little conversation we had, I think the old reflection has become a little clearer. 17 Oct. 2020. I do however wonder whether I will find somebody who can make up for my lack of quality in speaking, so that I might share a few good words with them in writing, without having to worry about what love has to do with knowing them. I have seen so many friends weak at the knees, but strong everywhere else, and I think I’ve even managed to save a few from a terrible outcome or two. She picked the new name after Micky Dolenz of The Monkees. When you can see more than you were supposed to see, and you knew some things were surely not quite as you were being told they were – it sometimes hurts to see them.

That’s the sort of response all one needs to feel good about even himself, let alone those two! The subject might overjoy us, or the content overwhelm us with burdensome sorrow.

People are odd like this, we are each a bit unpredictable, but some people I do not hardly understand at all. Nothing has seemed unusually upsetting or overwhelmingly emotional. Well, I’ll sign out now and get myself some shut eye. We seem to forget how much more is attainable and that has been possible without such papers, and when we aren’t around anymore, whether it is this year or thirty away,  who will keep this paper in their hearts and their minds if it is not us? and reflective on the other.

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