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He considers the State as a vehicle of oppression and maintains that the capitalist class has arisen to power, has consolidated its position and authority and retains its pre-eminence through the use of force. The new theory, that the State is an organism, took root in German soil and there it found its most notable advocates. [9] Within contemporary biology, organicism stresses the organization (particularly the self-organizing properties) rather than the composition (i.e. The Organic Theory is a biological conception … [19] The club was in opposition to mechanism, reductionism and the gene-centric view of evolution. The user of analogy tends to forget that the resemblances he notices hold good only within the limits where they overlap. In 1863, he went to Rapperswil on the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland, where he began to study the classics.

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16, No.

Exploitation may have played a Vital role in the formation of the State, but it cannot be the only cause of the origin of the State. An arm lives and moves only as a part of an organic whole. Comte described human society as the highest stage in organic evolution, embodying the completest development of that natural harmony or organization and action Rene Worms says that the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of society possess striking similarities to the structure, function and pathology of living beings. Organicism is related to, although remains distinct from, holism insofar as organicism prefigures holism; and the latter concept is applied within a broader scope to universal part-whole interconnections—such as anthropology and sociology—and the former is traditionally confined to philosophical and biological applications. The Raum-motiv is a historically-driving force, pushing peoples with great Kultur to naturally expand. The union of individuals forming the State has been described as similar to the union between the several parts of an animal body, wherein all parts  are functionally related and none can exist in isolation from the rest.

The larger organization of an organic system has features that must be taken into account to explain its behavior. Just as the body has a natural unity, so has a social group.

He stretched his biological analogy to the extreme and endowed the State with the quality of sex, describing it as having a male personality.

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Space, for Ratzel, was a vague concept, theoretically unbounded. Communist countries, like Soviet Russia and China, also amplify it. This is not the method of the birth of the State.

As a matter of fact, he built on those differences his theory of Individualism. [24], This article is about the philosophical doctrine. Six important theories deserve special mention The first is the monistic theory.

Dusek, Val (1999).

There have been societies that did without it, that had no conception of the state and state power. An animal organism comes into existence by the union of two organisms. Their process of development is the same both moving from similarity and simplicity to dissimilarity and complexity. So far we agree and accept the proposition that the State is like an organism. To sum up, in the words of J ellinek “Growth, decline and death are no necessary processes of State life though they are inseparable from the life of the organism The State does not originate or renew itself as a plant or as an animal does.”.

"Life Itself: A Comprehensive Inquiry Into the Nature, Origin, and Fabrication of Life". Some of these biological comparisons are ingenious and well stated to many writers they have proved fascinating and seductive to others they have constituted the basis of an argument for a theory of the State which would sacrifice individual to society .

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