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Third Party materials included herein protected under copyright law. Could it be someone else? A Death in Canaan.

Schneider, F. W., Gruman, J. Lastly, Reilly was held at the station overnight, and prior to taking the polygraph test, he stated that he “hadn’t been to bed in almost thirty hours” (Barthel, 1976, p. 48).,, Risk Factors That May Lead To Criminal Behavior In Youth, The West Memphis 3 and their False Accusations. : You’re so damned ashamed of last night that you’re trying to just block it out of your mind.

Consequently, he was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to six to sixteen years in prison (Spelhaug, n.d.). References: Memon, A., Meissner, C. A., & Fraser, J. New York, NY: E.P. Det. Reilly and his friend, Geoffrey Madow, were the only people on the scene when the police arrived. Well, a number of factors went into the making of this particular false confession. Just another psycho who snapped and killed someone.

Mirroring Bradley Page’s case, the officer conducting the interrogation used minimization and false incriminating evidence to elicit a confession from Reilly (Berthal, 1976; Schneider, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012). He already knew and liked a number of the officers involved in the investigation and had even previously considered a career in law enforcement (O’Donohue & Levensky, 2004). During the summer of 1974, playwright Arthur Miller and other notables took interest in Reilly’s case and donated money to his appeal. False confessions are, understandably, of great concern to the American legal system. The Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology(Vol.

October 5, 2003. Disregarding the test, I don’t think I hurt my mother. How does something like that even happen?

Toglia, M. P., Read, J. D., Ross, D. F., & Lindsay, R. (2010).

Reilly was also young. After his exoneration, Reilly became an advocate for the reform of police interrogation methods. On November 24, 1976, the charges against Reilly were dismissed. Findings, May 2013, Exonerations in the United States: Legal and Criminological Psychology,13(2), 357-371. doi: A., & Coutts, L. M. (2012). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. The contributing factors of sleep deprivation, susceptibility to coercion from authority due to youth, exhaustion, etc. It was founded in 2012 in conjunction with the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law. Reilly, despite initially claiming that he was innocent and that he had no memory of committing the crime, eventually came to believe that he did, in fact, kill his own mother, giving a full confession and even going as far to explicitly detail how he committed the murder (Toglia, Read, Ross, & Lindsay, 2010). The best advice I can give to you personally, however, is to always, always get an attorney.

Nevertheless, on April 12, 1974, Reilly was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced in late May to a term of six to sixteen years in prison.

As Hill, Memon, and McGeorge (2008) showed in their study, the confirmation bias can affect the questioning style of the interviewer, which can then lead to the suspect behaving and responding in ways that confirm their initial beliefs — a self-fulfilling prophecy. WordPress.

Forensic Psychology and Law. Nearly 24 hours after the murder, Reilly confessed.

I think we are just beginning to understand how much of an impact interrogation tactics can have on the validity of a witness’s story.

San Diego, CA: Elsevier. Use of this website and any information contained herein is governed by the Healthgrades User Agreement. Crime, Contributing Factors and Type of At 38, he was disillusioned, divorced, unemployed, and recently back in Connecticut after bouncing through a series of low-paying jobs in other states (O’Brien, 1993).

A fingerprint found on the door of the Gibbons home cast suspicion on brothers Timothy and Michael Parmalee, who had a history of conflict with the victim. There is so much to be learned about how the human mind process events and information. A false confession can lead to the wrongful imprisonment of an innocent individual, ensure the freedom of the true criminal, and prevent the victims from receiving the justice they deserve. The National Registry of Exonerations is a project of the Newkirk Center for Science & Society at University of California Irvine, the University of Michigan Law School and Michigan State University College of Law. He graduated from Ohio State U, College of Medicine medical school in 1978. Barthel, J. While awaiting trial, friends and supporters rallied around Reilly, coming together to post his $50,000 bond, and Reilly returned to finish his senior year of high school.
(2010). Powered by The Story of Peter Reilly When Peter Reilly was interviewed about his life 20 years after the murder, much damage was still evident. Year, Year of Exoneration and Type of

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Leo, R. A. Dr. Peter Reilly, MD is a Gastroenterology Specialist in Toledo, OH and has over 42 years of experience in the medical field. I believe that if we are able to establish strict guidelines of how all interviews and interrogations are to be conducted (for suspects as well as witnesses) such as the CI, we will be able to attain more consistently reliable results. In March 1976, Judge John A. Speziale of the Superior Court of Connecticut, granted Reilly a new trial on the basis of newly discovered evidence. Always maintaining that the police had coerced his confession, Reilly was exonerated two years later following the discovery of exculpatory evidence. He is affiliated with medical facilities Mercy Health - St. Vincent Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital.

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