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revival meaning biblically

Every earnest minister has known times when he has felt cold hearts to be as intolerable as the drones in the hive are to the working bees. A church should be a camp of soldiers, not an hospital of invalids. Sinners by God's grace long to be like such cheerful happy saints; their mouths water to feast with them upon their hidden manna, and this is another blessing, for it leads men to seek the Savior. They should be asking for growth in grace, for increase of strength, for greater success; they should have out-climbed and out-soared the period in which they need to be constantly crying, "Wilt thou not revive us again?" Special supplication should be made for beloved brethren in office that they may be full of the Holy Ghost. Should this revival be granted to deacons and elders what different men it would make of them! The wild animals in the fields will thank me, the jackals and owls, too, for giving them water in the desert. If you drop a stone into a lake the ring widens continually, till the farthest corner of the lake feels the influence. This is a clear gain, for now the man listens with deep emotion; and above all, the Holy Spirit's power, which the preacher has received in answer to prayer comes upon the hearer's mind; he is convinced of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment to come, and Christians who are on the watch around him hasten to tell him of the Savior, and point him to the redeeming blood, so that though the revival, strictly speaking, is with the people of God, yet the result of it no man can limit. What are some of your favorite revival scriptures that you are standing upon when asking God for another great awakening to happen? Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. For a church to be constantly needing revival is the indication of much sin, for if it were sound before the Lord it would remain in the condition into which a revival would uplift its members. How to use revival in a sentence. The eye of faith is dim and overcast, and seldom flashes with holy joy; the spiritual countenance is hollow and sunken with doubts and fears; the tongue of praise is partially paralyzed, and has little to say for Jesus; the spiritual frame is lethargic, and its movements are far from vigorous; the man is not anxious to be doing anything for Christ; a horrible numbness, a dreadful insensibility has come over him; he is in soul like a sluggard in the dog-days, who finds it hard labor to lie in bed and brush away the flies from his face. The Holy Ghost must come into the living heart through living truth, and so bring nutriment and stimulant to the pining spirit, for so only can it be revived. Learn how you can share your faith without fear and be an outstanding Christian witness. Workers in the Sunday-schools, tract distributors, and other laborers for Christ, what different people they become when grace is vigorous from what they are when their life flickers in the socket! Careless professors are as much out of place as snow in harvest among truly living Christians. Sustained by gracious promises and enriched out of the fullness which God has treasured up in his dear Son, their souls should prosper and be in health, and their piety ought to need no reviving. It is no wonder that our Lord said, "Because thou art neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth," for when the earnest Christian's heart is full of fire it is sickening to talk with lukewarm people. Please share them with us in the comment section below. To be a mere sign-post, pointing out the road but never moving in it, is a lot against which every tame heart may plead night and day. A true revival is to be looked for in the church of God. There is, a condition of mind which is even more sad than either of the two above mentioned; it is a thorough, gradual, but certain decline of all the spiritual powers. layout: "video", When men in India sicken in the plains, they climb the hills and breathe the more bracing air of the upper regions; we need to get nearer to God, and to bathe ourselves in heaven, and revived piety will be the sure result. REVI'VAL, n. from revive. Myriads may in triumph blend.

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