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robert duncan mcneill podcast

Love Voyager. i tried i tried… i just couldnt… but i know some fans love it and it all depends i guess what you watch growing up or individual taste… i do remember watching through season 4 and into 5 and then i was done… always felt too clean… i’m more of a ds9 guy… good cast though… nice to see them all together… but i did get at the tail end of the run to sit in the captains chair and walk the set when i worked with some of the people there… and i was just looking at this the other day… i have a bunch of the rubber floor panels from voyager… when they broke down the set i somehow grabbed a few… shoulda grabbed more stuff lol. ENT- Mayweather. The Delta Flyers is a weekly Star Trek: Voyager rewatch and recap podcast hosted by Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill. It’s my least favorite Trek series, but I think for some people it’s lightness is comforting. Thanks for your comments, ML31 and TG47. Each week Garrett and Robert will rewatch an episode of Voyager starting at the very beginning. Garrett and Robbie recap and discuss the episode, and share their insight as series regulars.Non Sequitur:When Ensign Kim awakens on Earth in 24th-century San Francisco, his records don't show his posting on the USS Voyager.We want to thank everyone who makes this podcast possible, starting with our Executive producers Megan Elise, and Rebecca Jayne, and our Post Producer Jessey Miller.Additionally we could not make this podcast available without our Co- Executive Producers: Stephanie Baker, Philipp Havrilla, Kelton Rochelle, Liz Scott, Eve Mercer, Sarah A Gubbins, Ann Marie Segal, Jason M Okun, Marie Burgoyne, Jason Self, Daniel Adam, Chris Knapp, Michelle Zamanian, Matthew Gravens, Brian Barrow, Rich Gross, Mary Jac Greer, Megan Hurwitt, James Zugg, Mike Gu, and Shannyn Bourke.And our Producers: Chris Tribuzio, Jim Guckin, Peter Patch, Steph Dawe Holland, James Amey, Katherine Hedrick, Deborah Schander, Eleanor Lamb, Thomas Melfi, Breana Harris, Richard Banaski, Eve England, Father Andrew Kinstetter, Ann Harding, Gay Kleven-Lundstrom, Gregory Kinstetter, Laura Swanson, Ryan Watkins, Máia W, Luz R, Charity Ponton, Josh Johnson, Chloe E, Kathleen Baxter, Katie Johnson, Craig Sweaton, Maggie Moore, Ryan Hammond, Nathanial Moon, Warren Stine, York Lee, Mike Schaible, Kelley Smelser, Dave Grad, AJ Provance, Captain Nancy Stout, Katherine Puterbaugh, Claire Deans, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Matthew Cutler, Crystal Komenda, Joshua L Phillips,  Barbara Beck, Mary O'Neal, Aithne Loeblich, Captain Jeremiah Brown, Heidi Mclellan, Dat Cao, Cody Crockett, Stephen Riegner, Debra Defelice, Oliver Campbell, Selina Zhong, Anna Post, Evette Rowley, Robert Hess, Cindy Ring, Nathan Butler, Terry Lee Hammons, Andrei Dunca, Paul Whitsett, James Keel, Daniel Owen, Brian Jordan, Gabriel Dominic Girgis, and Amber Nighbor. Remember when Harry fought the prisoners off screaming “This man is my friend, NO ONE touches him!”? Thank you for your support! is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” franchise.

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