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However, in order to be able to receive the news immediately and grasp the trend of the world, the nine schools in the world have set up a letter hall, which is available in almost every county. However, Mo Jiao said that the reason why the Great Desolate era was in chaos and came to an end was all completely because of the YinYang Curse. All those talisman writings were incomparably profound.

After YinYang Curse come out, please do not let it find me!". Within this world, there are countless of mystical existences which developed because of heaven and become complete because of fate and luck. If a small curse was already able to torment a person to this point, let alone talking about what the four great curse would be able to do. If you have any question about this novel, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. To be honest, there was nothing much in this world that could make him felt emotionally moved. Tang Qing shook his head helplessly.

At the same time, the numerous densely packed golden color talisman writings also began to disperse at an extremely fast speed. Even when walking, his old friend would fall into the Ninth Underworld. Towards the name 'Mo Jiao', it was like thunder piercing the ear.

It is not that a person holds a letter in the The northern part of the sanctuary can convey the message to the southern part of the sanctuary.

An overbearing and severe sound could be heard.

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with a kind of small curse. To be honest, there was nothing much in this world that could make him felt emotionally moved. The earth body breaks through the imprisonment and can make the world sensation, also because of its title of Three Ancient Firsts. Yun Mo called out, but also completely lost her consciousness afterward. He could see that the talisman writings on the stone heart were a kind of Great Desolate seal. As for just what kind of existence curse was, Tang Qing was also not very clear.

But right now at this moment, after sensing the paragraph of talisman writings, his heart was beating crazily. Tang Qing replied honestly, and the indifferent expression on his face was, "If I knew that the two of you women were playing ambiguous with each other……I would have never come over!"

Some people say that sacrificing a sect to obtain a land with the title of the first person in Sangu The treasure body is very worthy. It had taken on a patina of age. Just as if they were standing in an endless void, it was quiet to the point which made one felt frightened in their heart. The ancestors were almost all except the Qing sect of Fengzong. At this very moment, Tang Qing's facial expression was extremely ugly and even somewhat ashen. Looking at the dilapidated Promise, the more than forty monks of Taixuzong were all angry and shocked. "I was resting outside just now and when the entire manor suddenly began trembling, I shouted out two times but no one responded, so I came over to take a look at just what was going on."

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