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superpower countries

The French economy is one of the world's largest, though US News noted that it faces domestic challenges including how it deals with terrorism and attitudes to Islam.

It is an acknowledged middle power and a member of the United Nation, G7, G8, G20, NATO, WTO, and Organization of American States.

US News describes the US as the "world's most dominant economic and military power." Its economy by nominal GDP is the fourth largest in the world while by Purchasing power parity it is the fifth largest. The Soviet Union and the United States fulfilled the superpower criteria in the following ways: After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 which ended the Cold War, the post–Cold War world has in the past been considered by some to be a unipolar world,[36][37] with the United States as the world's sole remaining superpower. It is a member of G8 group and its economic distinction, advanced military, accomplished workforce and Political power has made it eligible for this position. These are the world's 25 most powerful nations, according to the 2020 rankings: US News calls Egypt "one of the world's earliest and greatest civilizations" and notes that its geography, including the Nile River and the sea, make it "a cultural and trading center. US News notes that it attracts 40 million tourists every year. 1944. The rankings come as part of US News and World Report's "2019 Best Countries" ranking in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, which surveyed more than 20,000 people on their opinions of 80 countries. Had a population of 248.7 million in 1990, at that time the fourth largest on Earth behind China, India and the Soviet Union. Indian is not on here because sure they have some things but they don't advance as much as other countries that I know of.

Economic power also play an essential role, it is not wrong to say that money is power, these countries utilize their economical resources and train the people for strengthening their economy by improving industries. These empires took on kingdoms and other empires and became empires themselves. ", US News calls it "a highly developed nation that exerts considerable international economic, political, scientific and cultural influence.

Natural resources are known to be an important factor that improves the economical status of the countries and last but not the least the human resources; they also contribute in running the economy and therefore giving the country an advantage. [49], The term potential superpowers has been applied by scholars and other qualified commentators to the possibility of several political entities achieving superpower status in the 21st century. One of the largest countries in the EU, Sweden is a respected world leader in human rights. Subscriber

but always fail ( check the books)and can't do anything super influential. The authors state that China's military dominance in the Asia-Pacific is already eroding American influence at a rapid pace, and the costs for the US to defend its interests there will continue to rise. The country has a huge and dominant army. The rankings, published by US News and World Report, look at how the influence of a nation, as well as its political, economic, and military power. )", "These Are the 5 Reasons Why the U.S. Remains the World's Only Superpower", From Colony to Superpower: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1776, "Is China a Superpower Now? [38] In 1999, Samuel P. Huntington wrote: "The United States, of course, is the sole state with preeminence in every domain of power – economic, military, diplomatic, ideological, technological, and cultural – with the reach and capabilities to promote its interests in virtually every part of the world". Canada: Culturally DiverseCanada is ranked 8th in the world in terms of highest per capita income. US News calls it the "giant of the Middle East" because of its landmass, and notes its importance for Muslims. Japan also named as the Land of the rising sun is a small country but is ranked at number sixth in the list of ten countries that have become superpower. It’s a great place to live but its international influence is limited. [2][3][4] Alice Lyman Miller defines a superpower as "a country that has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemony".

Due to their large markets, growing military strength, economic potential, and influence in international affairs, China,[54][55][56] the European Union,[57][58] India[59] and Russia[60] are among the political entities most cited as having the potential of achieving superpower status in the 21st century.

"It is the world's largest country by land mass – nearly twice as big as Canada, the world's second-largest nation – and covers all of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe. According to Lyman Miller, "[t]he basic components of superpower stature may be measured along four axes of power: military, economic, political, and cultural (or what political scientist Joseph Nye has termed "soft power")". Not f***ing maple syrup. Required fields are marked *. U.S. is number one superpower in the world. It is a major technology and car exporter, and is a member of many international organizations like the G20 and WTO. Spain has a large cultural influence through its achievements in arts and dance, though growing separatist movements in the Basque region and Catalonia threaten its unity. One of the largest countries in the EU, Sweden is a respected world leader in human rights. It is the world's seventh-largest exporter and 11th-largest economy overall, US News noted. This, however, would not be a new position for the U.S. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Biggest Contributors To Global Warming In The World By Country.

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