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the road bunker scene

If the local elk population know, they’re not talking! The man first makes better footwear for the boy and for himself, using the suit coats and plastic. You put it in your mouth and point it up. Of course the road, after nearly 60 years without maintenance, is being swallowed up by the forest, a sight to see in and of itself. The man knows they can’t stay here long, that it will be difficult to keep their door in the ground hidden. People are merely animals surviving by killing anyone. The man and the boy collect what they will take from the bunker to load the cart. "[19] Peter Travers from Rolling Stone calls the film a "haunting portrait of America as no country for old men or young". The father heats up water to make a bath for his son. At night, the father continues to have “[r]ich dreams now which he was loathe to wake from. In the nearby town, they find a working shopping cart. The Road was originally scheduled to be released in November 2008. He’d been prepared to die, and now they’ve found sustenance to keep them going for a bit longer. The State of Pennsylvania, looking to create jobs and promote industrial investment, offered Curtiss-Wright a sweetheart deal on 80 square miles of public land (State Forest Land at the time) in rural Cameron County, and a deal was struck. The man attempts to hide their location by putting a mattress over the latch door above them.

The man lifts the door and beneath he finds stairs that descend into a bunker full of canned goods, blankets, cots to sleep on, water, soap, ammunition (but no gun), and various other supplies.

This distresses the boy so much the man turns back and leaves the clothes and a can of food for the thief.

[citation needed] Hillcoat also said of using Pittsburgh as a practical location, "It's a beautiful place in fall with the colors changing, but in winter, it can be very bleak. GradeSaver, 19 September 2009 Web. The novel begins with the man and boy in the woods, the boy asleep, as the two of them are making their journey along the road. The bunker is filled with canned food, supplies, and cots. "The country was looted, ransacked, ravaged. All of it occurring in rural Cameron County, Pennsylvania! I didn't read the book(I watched the movie), but understood all you said. As with the road to the southern bunker, Nature is slowly reclaiming the paved road back to the northern bunker. The man says they’d want them to use their bunker because they were good guys, too.

What is certain is that this is an easy hike to a historic but seemingly forgotten footnote to the Cold War arms race of the 1950s.

When I read something that's not meant to be mind candy, I'm looking for the emotional experience whatever it is.
We do not know why, but hopefully things are better wherever they are going. To some degree the crow symbolizes the boy himself, wishing to test the potential in his unknown future. When Wechsler had watched John Hillcoat's 2005 film The Proposition after reading The Road, the producer decided to pursue Hillcoat to direct the film adaptation. The father is afraid that the tracks are from "bad guys," and they attempt to cover their tracks in the snow as well as possible. In this exchange, the crow serves as a metaphor for the boy's own hopes about what may be possible. This episode impacted me as I felt a degree of sympathy got them as they were starving and when they find the bunker full of food and essentials a feeling a relief is felt for them as they are ensured to survive a lot longer now. A box near the road allows people to watch for those like himself approaching the house, so that they can warn the others of the newcomers’ arrival. And while it is privately owned and legally accessible by invitation-only, the Abandoned Trolley Graveyard in Windber (Somerset County) is another apocalyptic scene right out of a sci-fi movie! Later, exploring a mansion, he and the boy discover people locked in the basement, imprisoned as food for their captors. Hardly even bugs survived.

Whether they are "good guys" or merely acting to gain his trust is never clarified. One example of this usage lies in this passage: "So be sparing. He sees people approaching, "wearing canister masks. He asks the father if a crow could fly to Mars or at least high enough to see the sun (132-134). The hike to the southern bunker is only 1/4 mile along the remnants of a flat, paved road (making this a popular spot for cross-country skiers in the winter). This is quite different from the rest of the book as usually speech is quite scarce and of small quantities. I wouldn't want all the books I read to be downers, but I'd be bored if they were all upbeat and positive too. He returns to the boy, still sleeping, with the apples and the jars of water. GradeSaver, 19 September 2009 Web. One in a biohazard suit. Near a small town, the man and the boy see an outdated sign that warns of death. "The Road Section 4 Summary and Analysis". (99) underscores the realization that the man and the boy may be forever lost, that they have no direction. They stop on a hill, and the boy asks his father about their long-term goals, a phrase he heard from the man long ago. The wife says they have been following the boy and his father. I think that due to the lighter mood at this point there will be a much darker mood and rise in tension as they leave and move on slowly running out of food again.

The abundance astonishes both the man and the boy, and the boy wonders about the people who made the bunker. The danger is quite real; they nearly catch the boy and the man, who fortunately manage to elude capture. Rusty Glessner is an award-winning photographer, lifelong Pennsylvanian, and creator of the PA Bucket List adventure guide. Round Island Run Falls is located just beyond the border of the Quehanna Wild Area, in the Sproul State Forest.

D. Dona Le. Although the father is losing hope each day as they get hungrier, realizing that the houses have been thoroughly picked over, he maintains the fire inside. Few details were immediately available on the scene. In the charred remains of a house, he retrieves a candle. Or were some sort of reverse-engineered alien technologies being tested here, as locals claim? The novel begins with the man and boy in the woods, the boy asleep, as the two of them are making their journey along the road… Cormack McCarthy evokes this response by showing how convinced the man is that they are going to starve to death despite their efforts and how mentally prepared he is for this when suddenly they are saved his relief is expressed greatly and he is suddenly so happy a large contrast on his usual mood. Even billboards are obsolete, and the objects they advertise are anachronistic in this setting. This describes a path of travel that is a straight line between two points. [18], The film holds a 73% approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes based on 213 reviews; the average rating is 6.94/10. The remnants of the engine mounts are still present outside the northern bunker. The Curtiss-Wright Corporation, at the time the largest aircraft manufacturer in the United States, was awarded the contract to develop the engines. This is with good reason as humanity has suffocated and most people left have no sense of right or wrong. He asks his son what happened to the flute, and the boy tells him that he threw it away.

[24] Luke Davies of The Monthly described the film as "gorgeous, in a horrible way, but its greater coolness and distance shows just how difficult it can be to translate to screen the innate psychic warmth of great literature," and suggested the film's flaws "might have to do with the directorial point of view—it all feels too detached, in a way that the book in its searing intimacy does not," concluding that the film has "too much tableau and not enough acting. However, the father is relatively confident enough to continue searching the house for supplies. Did nuclear jet engines really rest on these mounts at some point in the late 50s? Just then, across the field, the boy and his father see four men and two women approaching. Others say the nuclear jet engines did in fact exist, but emitted too much radiation to be safely put into use. Not affiliated with Harvard College. The boy's first reaction to that house foreshadows the terrible discovery they make and the gruesome fate they narrowly avoid. The film had its world premiere in September 2009 at the 66th Venice International Film Festival where it was in competition for the Golden Lion and Silver Lion prizes. They enjoy another lavish dinner before going to bed. The Road, the Bunker, and the Meaning of It All, TAE Source - Boss Tube Amp Expander Resources.

The figure of speech is "as the crow flies" (132). All that remains today are the bunkers themselves – large boxes of concrete and steel with tiny slit windows once covered by thick layers of blast-resistant glass, where engineers and technicians would have monitored the engines undergoing testing. The scene then cuts to the present where the man is walking with his son down a snow-covered road. Like all homes it is empty of people and rotting. The Road is a 2006 post-apocalyptic novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy.The book details the journey of a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unspecified cataclysm that has destroyed most of civilization and, in … When the boy wakes up, they eat together, and the man makes the powdered drink for his son. And the quote about 'dreams' explains it further. Even in the face of the father's confidence, the reader still has the uneasy sense that the house may be dangerous due to the foreshadowing with the boy, and this disease is proved right when the truth is uncovered. [20], A. O. Scott from At the Movies stated that while the film "hits a few tinny, sentimental notes", he "admire[s] the craft and conviction of this film, and [he] was impressed enough by the look and the performances to recommend that you see it. "[10] In April 2007, Joe Penhall was hired to script the adapted screenplay.

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