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white sox stadium to wrigley field

Cross the river and walk five blocks east on Jackson to LaSalle Street, then walk one block south to Van Buren Street. But perhaps the weirdest thing of the entire day? lower deck concourse. Capacity is decreased from 47,098 to 40,615. The Sox are defeated by the Indians 8–2. The demolition (beginning of November 2008) of the easternmost portion of the pedestrian ramp and removal of the top two levels of the easternmost foot bridge across 35th Street, reducing it to one level with continuing access to the park on the main concourse level. Frank Thomas' number and picture were added to the outfield wall as his number was retired. “It was fun because now I get to see Michael actually play full speed in a big league stadium that’s sold out. It also opened with the name Comiskey Park but was renamed U.S. Cellular Field in 2003 after U.S. Cellular purchased the naming rights at $68 million over 20 years. Board a southbound Red Line 95th/Dan Ryan train and follow the instructions above. Senator, October 28, 2005: The team's victory parade begins at U.S. Cellular Field, players boarding double-decker buses that travel north to downtown Chicago. 35th St. ''Lou'' Jones Metra/Rock Island stop. A new premium seating/restaurant named the. The current public address announcer is Gene Honda, who also serves as the PA announcer for the Chicago Blackhawks, NCAA Final Four, and University of Illinois Football. The ballpark serves as the home ballpark for Major League Baseball's Chicago White Sox. About $15 million in renovations were done to Gate 5 (north of 35th Street) to improve access to the park. Board a southbound Red Line 95th/Dan Ryan train and follow the instructions above. While it gave nearly every seat in the upper level an unobstructed view of the field, it also created one of the highest upper decks in baseball. Chicago Sports Depot, a new merchandise store located right next to Gate 5 and ChiSox Bar and Grill. Full-color, high resolution 28 × 53-foot (16 m) video screen added to center field scoreboard. Attendance: (28,278) July 3, 2012: The White Sox score 19 runs against the two-time defending AL champion Texas Rangers. Well, kind of. Fans taking the CTA to the game during the White Sox Baseball season should follow the directions below. A new LED ribbon board has extended to run the entire length of the grandstand, which means the retired numbers that resided behind home plate had to be moved to the first and third-base lines. As originally built, the park was criticized by many fans because of the height of the upper deck. Cubs fans cheering for the White Sox. Upper Deck Seating Area – 8 rows and 6,600 seats were removed from the top of the ballpark's upper deck. In 2001, extensive renovations were started by HKS Sports & Entertainment Group to make the park more fan-friendly: Renovations added not part of the original plan. The outfield wall was redone with pictures of White Sox players who've had their number retired. The stadium houses 103 luxury suites located on two levels, as well as 1,822 "club seats" on 300-level mezzanine between the lower deck and upper deck. Also, the spectator ramp across 35th Street is designed in such a way (partly curved, partly straight but angling east-northeast) that it echoes the contour of the old first-base grandstand. One for the. For White Sox players a new hydrotherapy room with three combinational hot-and-cold whirlpool tubs. Board a southbound Red Line 95th/Dan Ryan train and follow the instructions above. July 23, 2009: The first perfect game and second no-hitter at U.S. Cellular Field. How about a bizarre in-season exhibition game between the White Sox at Cubs at Wrigley Field — one where North Side fans cheered the visitors? Back before Interleague play was a part of the daily major league schedule, if the crosstown rival White Sox and Cubs were going to play each other, it was going to have to be in the World Series — or more likely in an exhibition contest. Guaranteed Rate Field is a baseball park located in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Main concourse upgraded with brick facade, stainless steel counter tops and decorative lighting. The second foot bridge at Gate 5, about 75 yards (69 m) west of the east bridge, continues to offer access to the park on three levels. The facility features 32 flat-screen televisions, wireless internet access and seating for 100 working members of the media. (They react this way regardless of … Take a Rock Island train and get off at the 35th Street/"Lou" Jones Station, then walk west on 35th Street to Guaranteed Rate Field. How about a bizarre in-season exhibition game between the White Sox at Cubs at Wrigley Field — one where North Side fans cheered the visitors? The White Sox lose to the Boston Red Sox 5–3. It’s not as easy because he was taking this seriously. Outfield seating area extended to the fence. The fare is $4.50 each way per person payable on the bus. Signage and photo-op situations along the right field entrance. The original blue seats were also replaced by forest green seats. For Metra information, visit Only 144 games played in 1995. Attendance: (37,591), June 20, 2006: The White Sox score 11 runs in one inning against the, September 16, 2007: Jim Thome's 500th career home run against the. 35 Retired Emotionally Drains Thomas", "White Sox to install 3 new video boards for 2016 season", "What's new at Sox Park: Renovated clubhouse, more netting and the 'South Side Horseshoe, "White Sox to add 'The Goose Island' section to Guaranteed Rate Field bleachers", "Guaranteed Rate Field Netting Extending to Foul Poles", "Retired Uniform Numbers in the American League", "Guaranteed Rate Field Ballpark Guide: Upper Concourse Policy", "Cubs' Barrett slugs Pierzynski, leads to melee", Current ballparks in Major League Baseball, The Limelight/Excalibur and Vision/Castle,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from August 2014, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 8,000 square foot Center field HD video board 60 feet (18 m) × 134 feet (41 m) (2016–present), Baines' number was retired after he was traded to the, First football game played at Guaranteed Rate Field. Descend the stairs or elevator to the transfer tunnel to the Red Line subway. !” as if certain something disastrous is about to happen. The Sox are defeated by the, July 20, 2008: A life-sized bronze statue of, August 14, 2008: The White Sox become just the sixth team to hit four consecutive home runs in a game, accomplishing the feat against the, January 20, 2009: The White Sox display a banner outside of Gate 6 to honor White Sox fan. Players on the sculpture from the 2005 team are. Sox/35th Red Line stop | 35th/Bronzeville/IIT Green Line stop | 35th St. ''Lou'' Jones Metra/Rock Island stop. The facility is owned by the state of Illinois through the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, and is operated by the White Sox. An extension of the safety netting from the dugouts to foul poles is expected to be completed during the 2019 season. Walk east three blocks along Van Buren St. to State St. Descend the stairs or elevator to the Jackson Red Line station. Weekend games only during the months of April, May, late August and September. Old backstop with netted roof was replaced with a new "roofless" backstop which allows foul balls to drop into seats directly behind home plate. The new green and black color scheme, upper level screen set back from the outer wall and canopy roof are reminiscent of the old Comiskey Park, as well as other classic baseball stadiums. They weren’t real happy about the success there, but it’s still Michael Jordan. Notes: 1994 season incomplete due to Players Strike. Tickets. Guaranteed Rate Field can be reached by using the. An underwater treadmill, that can curb problems relating to the abdominals, back and knee, as well as strengthens the muscles and hip, is installed in one of the tubs. The visitor's clubhouse was renovated to meet up to date technology. He is Chicago. Fans sitting in this area didn't get much chance for relief, as it is one of the few parks in Major League Baseball that do not allow fans sitting in the upper deck to venture anywhere else in the park, e.g. Use the Washington St. Exit. Sox Park; The Cell; The Rate; New Comiskey; Comiskey Park, Extensive renovations (2008–present seasons), Learn how and when to remove this template message, NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, "Tax Dollars Still Paying off Renovations on White Sox Stadium", "U.S. Cellular to become Guaranteed Rate Field", "White Sox home gets a new name: Guaranteed Rate Field", "Chicago White Sox and Gold Coast Tickets Reach Multi-Year Sponsorship Agreement", "TBD's outdoor beer garden added to Gate 5 entrance", "Having His No. Board a northbound Orange Line Loop train to Roosevelt. Due to the field being practically at street level, the original upper deck made the park look like a cookie-cutter stadium from the outside. 314-seat "Scout" seating area directly behind home plate added, which offers ticket holders behind-the-scenes access to the ballpark and the world-class amenities, including free food, for one-inclusive price. Guaranteed Rate Field has appeared in films such as Rookie of the Year (1993), Major League II (1994), Little Big League (1994), My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), and The Ladies Man (2000). Guaranteed Rate is just west of the I-90/94 Dan Ryan Expressway. The "exploding scoreboard" pays homage to the original, installed by Bill Veeck at the old park in 1960. (Visually Re-Directed Seats). The new suites were one example of why the old Comiskey Park was demolished, as suites generate more revenue. The Illinois Sports Facilities Authority unveiled the first environmentally friendly, The White Sox Legacy Brick Program unveiled its brick plaza outside Gate 4 on April 11. A multi-level restaurant and bar inside Gate 5 called "ChiSox Bar and Grill" (formerly known as. Board an eastbound #20 Madison or #56 Milwaukee bus and obtain a transfer. Two 300-foot (91 m)-long, 5-foot (1.5 m)-high video LED "ribbon" boards added along the upper deck facade. Bullpens were relocated to allow fans to see pitchers warming up; former bullpens filled with new seats. In Rookie of the Year the stadium played the role of Dodger Stadium and in Little Big League the stadium played the role of all opposing ballparks except for Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. “What I remember of that, they were cheering Michael Jordan, yes,” Jackson said. Walk west two-three blocks to State St. Descend the stairs or elevator to the Red Line station. What’s weirder than Michael Jordan leaving his life as the world’s greatest basketball player to play minor league baseball? Three rows of nearly 2,000 seats were added along the field between the dugouts and the foul poles. Scoreboard and video boards were upgraded. 163 games played in 2008 due to AL Central division tie-breaker game. The project also included installation of escalators in a new, weather-protected enclosure and installation of elevators which will provide additional access for fans with disabilities. Weekday post-game outbound trains depart 35th Street Station at 9:52 p.m. and 11:22 p.m. For other times, check Board a southbound Red Line 95th/Dan Ryan train and follow the instructions above. Fan Deck, featuring food and beverage service in an elevated patio-like atmosphere, built on center field concourse. Darrin Jackson, the former White Sox outfielder and current broadcaster, was in the White Sox lineup that day, too, scoring on one of Jordan’s hits. A few design features from old Comiskey Park were retained. Guaranteed Rate Field is serviced by CTA's Red Line and Green Line, a Metra/Rock Island stop and a number of bus routes. July 31, 2011: The White Sox unveil a replica statue of, July 3, 2012: The White Sox score 19 runs against the two-time defending AL champion, Nathaniel Whalen, "Marked seats meaningful to Sox stars", Post Tribune, March 30, 2007, This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 20:36. The project was completed by Opening Day on April 7 as the White Sox defeated the, Inside the park, a new scoreboard (23 ft x 68 ft) with 913,000 LED lights (similar to. Take a Rock Island train and get off at the 35th Street/"Lou" Jones Station, then walk west on 35th Street to Guaranteed Rate Field.

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