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who was the chiefs quarterback 50 years ago

Their normally reliable kicker and eventual Hall of Famer, Jan Stenerud, missed three field goal attempts, including a 31-yarder late in the fourth quarter, in a playoff game against the Miami Dolphins. Instead, because of the AFL’s expansion to a four team playoff, they would be facing the New York Jets for a chance to play in the AFL Championship Game. With little time remaining and a sleeping giant in the Chiefs offense mere feet away on the sideline, this was an important play. Two running plays straight ahead have not gotten the Jets over yet. } “Third down and one. The Chiefs would seek and find revenge for their loss in 1968’s AFL Championship game, coming from behind to beat the Raiders by a score of 17-7. It’s a long time. "The thing that hurt us a lot, I think, is that we didn't win enough championships with the talent we had. Good goal line defense by Kansas City, but now the pressure’s really on!”. Our daily headlines email is delivered each morning. The franchise's best chances for more trips to the Super Bowl were with the teams that played around 50 years ago. var val = 0; They played with a chip on their shoulder, both because they lost that initial Super Bowl and because nobody expected them to win three years later. As quickly as optimism had skyrocketed for this team and their prospects, it hurtled back to earth even more swiftly. — Fifty years later, Jan Stenerud still remembers just about every detail from the Super Bowl. “Joe Namath now sends his tight end wide, that’s Wayne Stuart. “To lose a Super Bowl is devastating. Without these players, and so many more from that era on the defensive side of the ball, the Kansas City Chiefs would be among teams like the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and several others with great histories but no Super Bowl championships to their name. But one question nags at members of those teams all these years later: With good coaching and so many talented players, why didn't those Chiefs win more championships? NFL notebook: League bounces back as controversies take a back seat, U.S. resorts adapting to new normal of skiing amid pandemic, New restrictions take effect in Europe amid resurgence, Rural Midwest hospitals struggling to find beds amid surge, Trump plays down virus as he steps up pitch for second term, Georgia Republican senator called out for mocking Kamala Harris’ first name. There were three other formidable teams around the AFL or AFC that we had to go through. The Jets huddled at the 10-yard line, with a weathered Joe Namath looking to add to the glory from the year prior with a backbreaking score and victory over the Chiefs. It was no surprise that the Chiefs were such heavy underdogs against the Vikings, who were led by Coach Bud Grant and their ferocious defense. (1:22). However, what is talked about far less are the host of Hall of Famers on the defensive side of the ball that carried the team in pivotal moments of its history.

Kansas City upset Minnesota in Super Bowl IV and players from that team are thrilled the Chiefs are finally back in the big game. Respectfully, for a franchise whose fans have not tasted ultimate victory in so many decades, here’s to a group of legends who overcame a great deal. The next few moments would be defining ones for both franchises. document.cookie = cookieString; Comments are not available on this story. But I can't change the score of that one game.". This is the story of Hank Stram and the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs, the Divisional Playoff game against the New York Jets at Shea Stadium, and a goal line stand for the ages. Pos.PlayerYearsLBBobby Bell1963-74DTBuck Buchanan1963-75DTCurley Culp1968-74QBLen Dawson1962-75LBWillie Lanier1967-77SJohnny Robinson1960-71KJan Stenerud1967-79CBEmmitt Thomas1966-78CoachHank Stram1960-74. On this day 50 years ago, Chiefs QB Len Dawson torched the defending SB Champ New York Jets two days after the death of his father.

A running play, it’s a fake now! return 0; The years listed are the seasons they played for the Chiefs: The Chiefs might have won another Super Bowl two years after their first but for some bad luck. • Rodgers playing Bucs, not Brady Kansas City upset Minnesota in Super Bowl IV and players from that team are thrilled the Chiefs are finally back in the big game. Running play coming off to Mathis! } Shea Stadium was not an inviting place to play, but this had not phased this Chiefs team in the past. The years listed are the seasons they played for the Chiefs: He dumps the ball and he’s tackled near the seven yard line! In this way we, in a sense, control our destiny. The year prior, the Chiefs had gone 12-2 finishing tied for first with the Oakland Raiders in the AFL West, which necessitated a tie-breaker playoff game to decide who would play for the AFL Championship. He’s around, as a lot of players are. The Chiefs would go on to lose in double overtime in a game that still stands as the longest in NFL history. You have to explain that forever,” Stenerud told The Associated Press this week. With their backs against the wall, the darkness of defeat and the NFL offseason staring them in the face, they did not go gently into that good night. Mike Garrett ran for a touchdown and Stenerud kicked three first-half field goals to send Kansas City into the locker room with a 16-0 lead. With a first down looming and only 1 yard to gain for the go-ahead touchdown, anyone could guess what type of play Jets coach and Hall of Famer Weeb Ewbank would choose to call. “No, I never thought about it.

I like having the guys here. As it turned out, we lost to the better team.". Chiefs fondly recall their Super Bowl win 50 years ago. He remembers that the weather wasn’t very good in New Orleans, and that the week leading up to the game was spent listening to tornado sirens. With the snap, Namath faked the hand off and rolled out to his right.

The defense is coming on and playing great football. "use strict";

He’s rolling to his right, he’s scrambling, he’s going to the right side. Hall of Fame-laden Chiefs of 50 years ago won only one title. "We were definitely in the top 5 for all-time teams," Thomas said. There was no longer certainty of what to expect, as the Jets had run the ball and failed twice before. The quarterback who had put so much pressure on himself wound up being the MVP. But it’s more fun to give them a long-awaited trip back to the Super Bowl. "People sometimes don't give us enough credit because we didn't have a successive history," said Hall of Fame linebacker Willie Lanier. “It was great to have Bobby up there.
It’s fun to have them here.”. "The Chiefs were the best defensive team we played against, no question about it," said the Chargers' quarterback of that era, John Hadl. val = parseInt(cookies[i].split('=')[1]); They’ve got a fellowship with the young guys and educate them on how great the city is and so on. With half a foot to gain, Ewbank would dig deep for a play that would assuredly send them to the AFL Championship Game. I didn't really have an answer for him. Hank was the one more than anyone else that convinced me to continue.

It looks like a real solid football team to me.”. 1969 was an interesting year for the Kansas City Chiefs. • Koch to play in 230th straight game, • Claypool's journey from Canada to NFL After taking only five snaps in his rookie season of 1968, following Dawson’s and Lee’s injuries, Livingston would lead the team on a dominant five-game winning streak in which the Chiefs would outscore opponents by a total of 138-62. }; But in terms of performers on that team, especially defense, we could have played with anybody. Freddie Arbanas early on was a heck of a tight end. “There’s a running play to Matt Snell behind the right guard! [Wide receiver] Otis Taylor was remarkable. Due to their exploits, their busts now line the hallowed halls of Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and hearken back to a time when the Chiefs’ red and gold was synonymous with championship football.
For a franchise with a sad postseason record ever since, those Chiefs teams of a half-century ago have a lot to be proud of. Only the Lions and the Jets have played more seasons since they appeared in the championship game. Willie Lanier, one of the greatest linebackers in Chiefs history, had other intentions. Nine members of the team eventually made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Dawson made it as both a quarterback and broadcaster – Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford are the only others so honored. I'm surprised the Chiefs didn't win more championships with all the talent they had.". "If we had to lose to somebody, I'm glad it was them. In life, there is so very little that we actually control. "John Madden asked me that one year at the Pro Bowl how come we didn't win more.

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