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why isn t fish hooks on disney plus

The animation and humor reminded me of the Old 1999-2003 SpongeBob Squarepants And the plot lines remind me of something that's not main stream and absolutely freaking stupid (hence: Hannah Montana). It's one of the most annoying and over exaggerated cartoons I have ever sat through.
So i started watching it. Seriously how many shows about high school did DC already do and was doing at this time? This is one of the best ones i have seen so far. On IMDB, the series has a 4.8/10 from 1,599 users.

(Ok, maybe I intended that pun :P).

Hmm... anyway the animation is a mixture between real life and cartoon so not a good mix.

by Nora Dominick (I know it's not overrated here, but fans on YouTube don't stop talking about this show). I feel like there’s some weird rights holder garbage going on with it. That, and I hardly have anything to say about this series. There has been many hate for this show and can't tell you why maybe their Phineas and Ferb fans but this is the BEST thing Disney has ever put out since the last show on Disney that was good from the 90's. Its actually funny, cute and amazing. Fish Hooks should be taken off the air now! It reminds me of the great shows i grew up with in the 90's.

It's exactly like every other teenage show I've seen before. Don't watch this show. A number of Disney movies won't find a home on Disney+ for a while — or ever. airbourne, my date the with presidents daughter, brotherly love, growing pains, and i remember there being a show about like this guy and girl that like lived next to eachother, i dont remember much about the show besides that they used to talk to each other on walkie talkies. I’m old, so I like the movies from the 50s-80s and one of my all time favorites - The World’s Greatest Athlete (with a young Jan Michael Vincent) is noticeably missing. The plots themselves are rehashes, and they are not interesting at the least bit, either. At least Phineas and Ferb was good when it first premiered, looking back in that show now. I keep hoping Disney + will add it with each update. This show is extremely similar to another Disney Show "The Buzz On Maggie" which was canceled after one season I believe.

I too thought it was one of the worst things created when it first aired but it has grown on me. Every time I hear the theme song, I sing along with it because it's you know, very catchy, so catchy it gets stuck in your head.
At least in shows like SpongeBob and Chowder (seriously You went from those two gems to this?!?!? But Angels in the Outfield lol. | Check it out if you haven’t. Heck, I would even compare this to Regular Show. Some of the live action footage they put into the show is horrendous to look at, but the animation on the fish is much better and not so choppy. I think I know why it raised from a 4.2/10 to a 4.4/10 (I hope it can raise higher than a 6/10).

It won't be as big a hit as Phineas and Ferb, but I see Fish Hooks being around for a while, especially with Hannah Montana (hopefully) ending soon.

Overall this show is very poor,but it's not terrible.

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